Covington Cheese Co. LLC

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We create all natural handmade, raw milk Artisan Cheeses. Our cheeses are made as natural as possible using raw milk, cultures, fermentation and salt. All are aged a minimum of 60 days, We run the gambit from Asiago , to Brie, Cotija , Cheddar and about forty other varieties of semi hard and hard cheeses. All are made in our new NSF Cheese Kitchen recently licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Cheese is now a way of healthy living and a passion for us that we’d like to share with you.

Our cheeses are ready to eat when we offer them. That being said, most cheeses will stay fresh for a month or more if tightly vacume sealed. Once opened cheese should be consumed in a few days or tightly resealed. Should cheese develop mold, they say to remove one inch around it and you should be fine. Use your own common sense and never eat bright orange, bright red or hot pink mold.

NOTE: Should you have a favorite of ours in the future and not see it listed for the week email us and we will fill your order if possible. We may have a chunk set aside just for you.

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