Seed and Sparrow


It has long been a dream of mine to own a small flower shop, and it has long been a goal of my husband’s to make my dreams come true– he has yet to disappoint.

Seed & Sparrow is the marriage of his appreciation and knowledge of all things botanical, floral and found-in-our-grandparents’-era with my quiet adoration of the simple, natural and holistic; We’re minimalists at heart, and appreciate the small and simple blessings that this life offers.

What began as a traveling plant shop has flourished into a space for all things botanical and holistic. We offer houseplants (including succulents and air plants), essential oil balms and roll ons, smudge sticks, handmade incense cones and loose incense blends made with USDA certified organic herbs, and handmade wellness items for you and your home.

Please find us on Instagram @seedandsparrow.

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