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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Strawberries, strawberries!

Thank you everyone for such a great market tonight! Fun, fun and more fun! The market is open and ready for business. Hurry as strawberry and scape season will be over before we know it.

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All she wrote...

Thank you everyone! See you Thursday!

Last call!

Just a reminder that there are 30 minutes til the market closes! Join us if you have yet to order!

Together we can!

I was just thinking about the great selection of items we have listed from all of our super vendors and am so proud of each of you! From the new strawberries that I just love to the scapes that are celebrating their second trip around our market, I am so excited! Did you know we have entered our second year? We plowed through our first anniversary on May 10. That must certainly be a milestone and one worth a celebration! Thank you to our customers, young and old! Hugs to each of you and thank you for working this together!


Just a reminder that the market closes tomorrow night at 8 pm!

Order up!

After our 100% flawless and awesome market tonight from the great assistance of Michelle “aka the Pretzle Lady” Comer, the market is once again open for business! Enjoy those strawberries and greens while they are here! They are beautiful!

A feature, a feature!

Some news for you from Swisher Hill Herbs…This is the last week for Swisher Hill Herbs’ live plants. They aren’t going away quietly though as they are going to feature their 3 inch Basil pots for $2.25 which is one dollar off! Each pot contains 3-4 basil plants which is a super deal! Get them before they are gone for the year! Thanks Charlene and Joe for all the work it takes to bring live plants to the market! We have all benefitted from growing a bit of you all over the county!

Last call!

Just a quick reminder that the market closes at 8 PM! There are still lots of wonderful items that await you! Thank you vendors for providing such wonderful options!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

As we pause for a moment to remember those who have served our country and those that have gone before us, we are thankful for all our blessings. Please have a wonderful weekend and be sure to spend a few minutes of quiet reflection about how fortunate we are to live in such a land of true opportunity with natural resources to sustain us. May that always be true. Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the extra offerings for time with family and friends if possible.

Berry Good News from our newest vendor!

A quick shout-out to our newest vendor The Berry Patch which features strawberries from West Liberty! So exciting to have another berry connection for all of us, especially our friends from the north end of the county! They specialize in Pick-Your-Own but promise to help connect their yummies to you! Check them out on our site and get ready for more berries! He says they are set and we are waiting to see them ripen! This is Berry Good News! Welcome to The Berry Patch and can’t wait to taste them!


Welcome to our newest customers Ellen, Carrie and Kay! We can’t wait to meet you! Thank you for joining the market. If there is ever anything we can do to make your shopping experience better please do not hesitate to let us know. This goes out too to all of our customers…if we can make this process easier, or more personalized, please let us know. All suggestions are important to hear and we will act on them if possible! Have a great day and know we appreciate all of you!