Spotted Cow Coffeehouse


Our guests deserve nothing less than quality. As associates gain confidence in serving, they will also learn to present our moolevous product in a merited manner. The goal is to enrich workers’ lives by empowering them to learn about coffee origins, products, and how it is prepared. As result, our knowledge, skills, and abilities adds a unique sweetness to every cup.

Through service, our workers will learn to own their job. Our associates will master the ability to serve guests of the coffeehouse while building interpersonal skills, self-worth, and self-esteem. Our perspective—as we facilitate our growth as individuals, we will construct a positive synergy to extend to our guests and our community.

The Spotted Cow takes pride in the ability to foster daily opportunity. We strive to present a dream job with a focus on the prosperity of our lives as a whole, and not just a paycheck. We strive to extend this opportunity beyond our house as well. We encompass our coffee beans to our community, because serving you is opportunity for all. At The Spotted Cow, we are all victors, not victims. Let’s seize the day.

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