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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Crazy Love

And when I’m returning from so far away
She gives me some sweet lovin’ brighten up my day
Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
Yes it makes me mellow down in to my soul…

This market, the love I feel for this market, the love I feel just being your market manager!

Today was a crazy love day at our market, as we welcomed a last minute interview with Renee Wilde of WYSO! All customers, a few vendors, Y staff, Pail, and your managers, all got sound bites! All perfect for more publicity!!

Show us some crazy love, this week!!

Cosmic Pam

Our Amazing Market!

Sometimes you need to quit the mediocre things to experience the amazing…

I read this quote, the other day, and I immediately thought of our little market. I thought of some of the big box stores, and how shopping can be so impersonal, so bland, so mundane. And, then I thought of our vibrant, friendly, loaded with good things market, and how amazing each week is with both customers, and vendors, and it just made me smile…

Get a taste of the amazing, and get your orders in…

AND…Champaign Berry has added BLACKBERRIES!!!! Again, seasonal items, just like some of the produce items that have already come and gone, are not with us for long, and won’t be back until next growing season, so take advantage!!!

And, while you are getting your orders in, and enjoying our Champaign County fair, think of more ways to exit the mediocre, and enter the amazing…

Cosmic Pam

Local Groove

This is the one week that local really takes front and center!

Tomorrow, the Champaign County Fair opens for the season, shining the light on all of our local pride!

Go out, this week, to support the fair, and this great community, while celebrating what it means to be totally local!

The market is open, we know you are busy, but let us put the ease into your week!

Cosmic Pam

Tuesday Love

Happy day, little local market of love customers…

It’s a bit dreary, this morning, but we can help put the sunshine feels into your morning by offering you all the products of our market.

Now is when you will want to take advantage of all the seasonal produce, from the various vendors, while it’s here, in season, from your local stomping ground.

Also…a few notes…ELM Tree Essentials soaps are in vacation mode while they work on replenishing product!

Homecomer ORGANICS dried herb mixes will be back…she is also busy trying to regroup, and get product replenished!

Go ahead…take a dreary morning, and make it the sunshine spot of your day by getting your orders in!

Cosmic Pam

Thursday Love

Welcome back to the little local market of love, making all of your ordering dreams come true!

The market is now open for the week!

Cosmic Pam

Market Reminder!

It’s Tuesday evening, and you have until 6am, tomorrow, to get your orders in!

Tonight is perfect for making your lists!!

Be groovy, and show us some love!

Cosmic Pam
The Hippie

Hello, there!

And, just like that, we are looking at Monday…

It felt like we just drifted into Friday, not s care in the world, and here we are….Monday.

Does Monday catch you a bit off guard? I admire people who spend their Sunday getting all prepared for the week ahead. I’m not that girl. I have never been that girl.

I’m the girl squeezing the fun, the laziness, the mindless out of every last second of my Sunday.
Which may explain my Monday morning terror trip of reality! But, you know helps? Knowing that at least my market shopping can be made easy with our little local market, right here, online, bringing you the best of the best.

Monday terror trip avoided…all with the click of your ordering!

Cosmic Pam
The Hippie

Thanks For Your Love!

Hello, little local market of love customers!!

Thank you, always, for giving us your love and support, each and every week!

We are only as strong as you make us, and we are grateful for this market adventure that we take, each week, with you!

We are live, again, and hope to see all of your smiling faces, this week!

Cosmic Pam

Hippie and the Farmer!

Just letting everyone know that we are bringing our freshly picked vegetables to the market!

Cash and carry!!

Tuesday Groove

I remember when I was in college, every little bar in my college town had a, Groovy Tuesday. Drinks were cheap, free, depending on who you knew. The music was all groovy themed, and it’s where you went to kick away the remnants of Mondays, and to jump start your week, going into Wednesday.

Groovy Tuesday…I still think that Tuesdays are groovy, Mondays are horrid, and Wednesdays are just holding patterns until you reach Thursdays. The actual beginning of the week’s end.

I think it’s fitting to have this market’s last full day, each week, take place on the Tuesday groove.

Make it extra groovy by getting your orders in before 6am, tomorrow morning.

You don’t want to waste all of the grooviness that the market has to offer…

Our market, the vendors, the customers, the products…your own personal groove line…

Cosmic Pam