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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Welcome To The Market!

Sending out a huge welcome to the new vendors of the Stoll Farm/Vernon Family Beef!!

Adding to our already stellar local meat producers, we are excited to add the Stoll/Vernons with their all grass fed beef!!

Get to know them, and their products!! They will be supplying me with a write up, for this weblog, soon, so that we can all read about their adventures in grass fed beef!!

Their products are now on the market…check them out!!

Cosmic Pam

Welcome Back!!

We are opening the market, again, for the week!

Show us some love, and watch for new products, incoming seasonal products, and new vendors!!

Cosmic Pam

Hello, beautiful!!

All of our customers are beautiful souls who love us, and this market!

Today is Tuesday, and the market closes for the week, tomorrow, at 6am!

Take your beautiful thoughts, think about your week, and float your orders on in to us!

We want to put the beauty in your week!

Cosmic Pam

Just Another Thursday Evening...

Kicking it into the holiday weekend…

We know that you are going to be busy, overloaded with activities, soulful thoughts, family and friends on this Easter weekend…

We don’t want to bother you, or pester you while you are enjoying, so for now, I am just sending you love vibes for the weekend, and a gentle thank you, for always shopping this little local market of love.

Right now, just as a note, we are short on honey. We are going through a cycle, and the honey supply is down, but we are working on things!!

Now…go, enjoy, and we will be here, all weekend, ready to take your orders!

Cosmic Pam

Night Moves

Started humming a song from 1962
Ain’t it funny how the night moves…
(Night Moves-Bob Seger)

I’ve been sitting outside, this evening, taking in the beautiful colors of the sky, as the sun slipped away, and the moon began it’s moonlight dance.

Night moves…

Get your orders in, tonight, before the night slips away…we close the market at 6am, tomorrow!

Cosmic Pam

Rainy Days and Mondays...

No need to let the combination get you down!

We’ve got all that you need to bring the sunshine back into your soul! And, what better way to spend a gloomy morning, than to make a list of items you need, and then instead of going out into the elements, you can order right from the comfort of wherever you are!

And…don’t forget that Easter is this coming weekend!! We can make it easy for all of your food prep needs. Or, still looking for items to put in Easter baskets? Why not make baskets full of local products for our market? We have so much to make up a Foodie Easter Basket!

However you want to use our market, we are ready to take the dreariness out of the rainy day!

And…Old Soals has now added fresh basil along with their lovely lettuces!! Arugula is on vacation, at the moment, as they wait for the next production of it, but will be back, soon!!

And…Kennedy Farms is on a short break while they plant, and plan for the markets they are involved with, in the coming season! They should be back in mid May!!

Rainy days and Mondays are actually really goods for getting things done, and getting your orders in…

Cosmic Pam

Sing Your Song...

…and, dance to your own beat…

Be the original. The one who sings, dances, laughs, dresses flamboyantly, and stays colorful…only you can sing your own tune, and that is why you are such a perfect match for this market.

We do things, our way, singing our song, and dancing to our beat. Our customers love that about our little local market of love. It’s our originality, dedication to being one of a kind, colorful, and full of amazing products, and vendors, that keep the market groovy, and the customers, shopping us, weekly…

So, tonight, before I head off to dreamland, I open up the market for the week. The one of a kind, marvelous, colorful market…

Cosmic Pam

We Bid You Goodnight...

And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight…
(Grateful Dead-We Bid You Goodnight)

How many Dead shows did I see with this song ending the evening? Jerry, Bobby, Phil, all harmonizing, together, with just Jerry strumming on his guitar…

Anyway, why not strike up your own harmony with our market, as I bid you goodnight. The market closes at 6am, tomorrow morning, so consider this your night before love letter to get your orders in…

And, I bid you goodnight…

Cosmic Pam

Feeling Stronger Every Day

And knowing that you would have wanted it this way
I do believe I’m feelin’ stronger every day…
(Feeling Stronger Every Day-Chicago)

Feeling the grooviness of the sounds of Chicago, this morning…and, the perfect summary of my feelings about this market. It just keeps rolling, getting stronger and stronger, building up with vendors, product, customers, and amazingness!

Today is Tuesday, the market closes at 6am, tomorrow, and we want you to join in the fun of making this market stronger and stronger…

Go ahead…dig out those old Chicago tunes, and get your Tuesday vibe action…

Cosmic Pam

Just Another Thursday Evening...

…nothing special. Just opening up the market, after a crazy busy week. But, as crazy as the weeks are, for me, I always love Thursdays. Thursdays are my zen day. I bake, and make soups, and get orders organized, and make sure all reports have been submitted, all while making sure everyone with orders have been alerted, or reminded, to grab their orders on Thursday evenings.

But, once I get to the market, make sure products are delivered, vendor checks have been distributed, I’ve checked in with the Y, for any updates…I can then just be one with my people.

I love the chatting, I love asking each of you how you are, how your week is going…many of you, I feel, have been with me for so very long, that we are family.

This market…the weekly vibe of me writing to you. The craziness of keeping it all going. The loveliness of it when I open it up for order pickup, and then ending my Thursdays, coming to you, live, after reopening the market…it’s a love, a thankfulness, and a gratitude that I cannot explain.

Just another Thursday night, maybe…but for me, it’s a Thursday night of market love…

Go ahead…feel free to throw us some Thursday night love.

And, as always, we thank you, kindly…

Cosmic Pam