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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Mega Market!!

So, while we are all passing the time, waiting to see which one of us will be the big winner in Mega Millions, tonight, why not make the time pass, more quickly, with getting your orders in!

The market is up there, again, in numbers, and you don’t want to miss out on the ordering fun!!

Also…if you are in the need for Cosmic bread, don’t take a chance in not getting your fix…I will be in vacation mode for next week, because I am going on…yes, I know…another get away trip with high school pals!!

So, order now, and you can even put it in the freezer, until you need it!! If not, you will have to be sad, next week, until I return!!

Mega millions, mega market…we are the sure winner, right here!!

Cosmic Pam

All The Scoop!

So, we have a lot of happenings, here, at this little local market of love…

Lots of new excitement, new interest, lots of customers, lots of vendors, and lots of new scoop to share…

Along with the addition of new vendors, we also have added new products in the Prepared Food Category!

We have commercially prepared vegan pesto from Kennedy Farms!!

Commercially prepared weekly soup varieties from Cosmic Charlie!

Commercially prepared/flash frozen farm fresh dinner selections from Hippie and the Farmer!!

In the next week or two, you will see one of your favorite vendors add her line of dried herbs and spices!! Michelle, of Honey Boy Honey, will begin offering her blends, soon, under her new vendor name, just for those organic items!!

And, for your sweet tooth, we will be adding homemade weekly pie varieties from a new vendor, Ruthie’s Pies!!

Most of you know her as part of the Oakview Farm Meats family, but now Ruth Runyan is branching out on her pie baking adventure! Look for her first editions, the week after next!

Just an update on all things market…

Cosmic Pam

Dead Man's Party

I was struck by lighting, walkin’ down the street
I was hit by something last night in my sleep
It’s a dead man’s party who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…
(Dead Man’s Party-Oingo Boingo)

Because, what self respecting club kid of the 80s wasn’t groovin’ this on the dance floors? And, it will always remind me of road tripping from my college in Kentucky, to the wild streets of Ohio University for every Halloween, back in that time frame…

And, as we add this to our market Halloween playlist, I also wanted to let you know that Kennedy Farms has added more Butternut Squash and vegetables for the week!!

I can tell you that I got all of their items, last week, and they are all so beautiful, flavorful, and went into all of my dishes, this past week!

Ok, go groove the market dance floor, and get your orders in!!


Cosmic Pam

Love Potion #9

She’s got a storefront
At Thirty-Fourth and Vine
Selling little bottles of
Love potion number nine…
(Love Potion Number Nine-the Clovers/The Searchers)

Just another fun little tune to add to our Halloween playlist, right here, on this little local market of love. We have so much love to offer that we don’t need a magical potion, but we certainly do have a lot of magic in our little place in the community!!

And, you know, I just can’t go anywhere, these days, without people asking about this market, wanting more info, loving that they already use the market, and complimenting it!!

I even was at a party, last night, and chatted up a girl who works at Old Souls Farm!! She was showing me pictures of their very impressive operation, and all that they do, beyond our market!! It was fun to randomly fall upon another connection to this market. A love connection…and, one that doesn’t require a magic potion…it’s already magic!

It’s a rather chilly Sunday morning, and perfect for taking some time to get your orders in!!


Cosmic Pam


Ain’t nothing like the sky to dose a potion
The moon’ll send you on your way
Moonlight feels right
Moonlight feels right….
(By the band, Starbuck)

The moon is brilliant, beautiful, and bursting! We look forward to servicing all of your market needs!

Help the market shine as bright as the moon!

Cosmic Pam

Must Be The Season...

You got to pick up every stitch
Two rabbits runnin’ in the ditch
Beatnicks out to make it rich
Oh no, must be the season of the witch…
(Must Be The Season Of The Witch-Donovan)

A little Halloween magic music to go with this magical market, this week!!

We are continuously killing it in numbers, customers and love, people…and, it can only continue to climb.

This week’s ordering ends, this morning, at 8am…

We have lettuces, greens, fall vegetables, pesto, soup, freezer dinners, dairy, eggs, maple syrup, honey, bread, meats, jams, jellies, end of the season berries, spices, garlic, dog treats, soaps, lip balms, oils, mustards, jalapeno sweetness, fresh herbs, gluten free flour, sweets, gluten free baked goods, candles, coffee, farm crafted goods, soft red winter wheat…we’ve got so much!!

Go, order, I will see you at 8am!!


Cosmic Pam

Intro to new vendors, Kennedy Farms?

Kennedy Farms is a small-scale farm run by two people, who are dedicated to growing, and raising food in a sustainable humane way. The farm is solar powered, and off grid. Over the past 3 years we have lovingly built a flourishing farm eco-system that includes our animals, bees, flowers, vegetables and wild inhabitants. We go beyond using organic methods in our quest to build an example of a sustainable agriculture system that is kind to the environment, and works with the existing eco-system, rather than trying to change it to suit our purpose and needs. If you see it in our market booth, we raised it with our own two hands without the use of heavy machinery.

Your support is what we depend on for the future of our farm, and the planet we all share. Recently, we have received lots of questions about our farm, and thought that you the consumer would like to know more about what we do, how we do it, and how that compares to other producers. If you buy from us at market you are getting the very best that we have to offer, and we are always working to do better!

Kennedy Farms
7041 Cable Road
Cable, OH 43009
(937) 802-3986
FB: kennedyfarmsohio
IG: kennedy_farmz_ohio

At Kennedy Farms all of our hens live a life in the sunshine on green pastures. We rotationally graze our ladies using two large mobile chicken coops. They are an important part of our farm eco-system. Pecking and scratching through our pasture helps maintain the area for our other animals, and their rich manure is about all the fertilizer our plants need. They get up to 25% of their diet from our pasture, and we feed them a NON GMO supplemental feed to keep them healthy and happy.

At Kennedy Farms all of our hens live a life in the sunshine on green pastures. We rotationally graze our ladies using two large mobile chicken coops. They are an important part of our farm eco-system. Pecking and scratching through our pasture helps maintain the area for our other animals, and their rich manure is about all the fertilizer our plants need. They get up to 25% of their diet from our pasture, and we feed them a NON GMO supplemental feed to keep them healthy and happy.

**This is from a brochure that is available from them, that they take to markets!! If you have further questions, I am sure there will be brochures at our market site!!

We welcome our newest vendors!!

Cosmic Pam

Fall Produce

In addition to the amazing offerings of Old Souls Farm, we now also have produce offerings from Kennedy Farms!

Get your orders in!

Cosmic Pam


New vendor, Kennedy Farms, coming to us from Cable, Ohio! You can read their bio under the Grower’s Tab, or visit their Facebook page…

We are excited to welcome them to the market family!! They have added two products, so far…eggs, and pesto…

And, speaking of Facebook…you can find most of our vendors on Facebook, as well as our market…

Ok…get to ordering…

Cosmic Pam

Black Magic Woman

You got your spell on me baby
You got your spell on me baby
Yes, you got your spell on me baby…
(Black Magic Woman-Fleetwood Mac)

We just want to put our spell, onto you, with all of our dazzling products, new products, new vendors…it’s totally bewitching in this month of October…

So, let’s get down to this…your market managers were busy from Thursday until yesterday, catering a super long wedding event. Thursday dinner, Friday dinner, Saturday dinner. The crowd, each night, raved about the food. The freshness of it. The taste. The appearance. Some have never tasted a real roasted carrot drizzled in local honey. They have never tasted meat that comes straight from a farm. They have never tasted bread quite like they were offered.

And, it was with such pride that we were able to talk about not only what we do as Hippie and the Farmer, but also what we do, individually, with Oakview Farm Meats, and Cosmic Charlie Baking and Bread. But, it didn’t stop there. As I was serving them their salads, heavy in organic kale, I was also able to talk to them about this market. It’s many vendors. The concept of this market. The ease. The amazing products. And, it brought me such pride to not only talk about the market, but to add names, such as all of the vendor business names. And, as I listened to myself talk, I felt myself beaming with pride. I told them about the amazing customer base, and how easy it was to become a customer. How easy it was to order, pick up, and go on your way, each Thursday.

And, soon, there will be an even easier way for you to use this market…and, as soon as all the details are worked out, we will unveil the next level…

Until then…keep letting us put a spell on you, with our dazzling magic…

It is Monday, and the market will be open until Wednesday morning, at 8am!!


Cosmic Pam