Oberly Bros Farm

This grower uses synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Oberly Bros Farm, located in Mad River Twp, is nestled in the Blue Hills of Champaign County. We have commercial grain crops including corn, soybeans and wheat, a herd of Hereford-Angus beef cattle including brood cows and calves, a non-GMO field corn crop for feed, and a garden. Farm market offerings from our farm this year will include, as available: (1) whole wheat flour milled from our soft red winter wheat, (2) several varieties of potatoes from the garden, (3) Reid’s Yellow Dent ear corn for squirrel/deer feeders, (4) whole soft red winter wheat for feed and/or milling, and (5) medium red clover seed for prairie pasture, or hayfield broadcast seeding this fall/winter. Also offer homemade bluebird houses, and plan to add a bat house too.

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