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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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In the cool of the evenin’ when eveythin’ is gettin’ kind of groovy…
(Atlanta Rhythm Section)

As we groove through October, everything is leading up to Halloween, fun, leaves getting all crunchy, spookiness…all the great stuff of the month!!

I was just at my childhood home, last night, for a family dinner, with visiting relatives, my parents, my brother…just driving there, through tree lined roads, and pulling up in the driveway, was a flashback to the 70s and early 80s when Sunday dinner, especially in the autumn months, was required. I got to skip them, when I was away at college, and then when I moved to California, and beyond, but last night, it was just a huge wave of nostalgia hitting me.

Growing up, we lived just down the street from my grandparents, and usually on Wednesday nights, dinner was at their house. All of us, gathered at their table. Sundays, were at our house, and while a lot of our life, back then, was rather chaotic…you could always take comfort that there would be Sunday dinner. While we were the polar opposite of a Norman Rockwell painting, it was our tradition.

As we sat around the table, it was a lot of the same. Like we had never left. I was still getting the eye from my mother for talking too much, too loud, laughing too loud. My brother, as usual, could do not wrong…lol…the meat had been in the oven too long, and was dry, but the people around the table were what was important.

I left as it was turning dusk, driving home while gazing at the beautiful moon, thinking back to those endless Sunday dinners of my youth, and smiling at how comfort comes running back, years later.

I talked about this market to my aunt, who is in from out of town, and she loved hearing about it, how it’s grown, what I do, vendor stories, customer stories…and, it made me so proud, and full of comfort, to talk about how far we have all come in this market.

Much like going home, again…this market gives that same feeling…comfort, when needed, and every Thursday is our tradition. Picking up orders, having a chat, a wave, a laugh…catching up, and sending you off for the week.

Everything’s getting a little groovy, a little crazy leading up to Halloween. This market, is the dependable comfort point.

It’s Monday, and there is plenty of time to get those orders in…

Cosmic Pam

Just Another Lovely Thursday!

A huge dose of love to all who rolled through the pick up line, tonight!!

You are the most awesome faces to see, each and every week!!

I am opening the market up for the week!

Go ahead….get your groove on!

Cosmic Pam

Thursday Note!

Good morning, on this lovely October day!!

Just a market reminder for you to pick up your orders, this afternoon, 4pm-6pm, or make arrangements to pick up, tomorrow, 10am-12pm, if you placed orders for the week!

We have quite a few new customers, this week, so just a reminder about payments…

You may call me, with credit card info. that I keep in the market files, and makes it easy for you, to never have to worry about having cash or a check!

If you bring cash, please put it in either an envelope or ziplock bag, with your name on it!!

If you pay by check, please make it out to Oakview Farm Meats, with your market total!

Thank you, so much, to all of you, for the continued support that continues to build this long running, first of it’s kind, back in the day, local online market!!

Cosmic Pam

Tuesday Reminder!

Hello…it’s almost 8am…do you have your orders in?

Like you, and I am rushing to do the same…so, I’m adding an extra 15 minutes to allow more time, only because your market manager is running behind!!

Throw us ALL the love…

Cosmic Pam

This Just In!!

Champaign Berry just let me know that with this lovely weather, they still have berries to add to the market!!

Blackberries, and Double Gold Berries!!

Get them, now….because, like the paw paws…they won’t be around for long!!

It's A Jam Session!

Good morning, lovely market customers!

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, full of warm temperatures, lovely sunrise, and it comes off of fun filled weekend that I have spent with out of town pals!

It was a weekend filled with music, hitting some live music venues, and enjoying a few jam sessions…get my tie in, today?

With Champaign Berry Farm offering their Peach Habanero Jam, and their Peach Jam from their recent crop, and The Shire Farm with their newly added jams and jellys, Elderberry Jam from S&S Naturals, and then JC Growers Gourmet Garlic Glaze…it’s all just a jam session of flavors, colors, and delightfulness…the perfect culinary notes…

Don’t forget to get your orders in, for this week…we have such amazing offerings!!

Cosmic Pam

Hey, Hey!!

It was another super market, tonight!!

And, I reopen for all of your ordering pleasure!!

I will not be baking, this week, as I have friends in from out of town, and we will be going around, seeing the sights, and taking it easy…or getting groovy…

I’ll be back, next week!!

Oh, and…paw paws are a available on the market!!

Cosmic Pam

Way Down Yonder In The Paw Paw Patch!

Hey, now!!

So….we have a special addition, this week, in a different way!!

So, in case you did not know, The Stadler’s, of Valley View Woodlands, are also well known for their Paw Paws!! They originally were going to set up a pop up, to sell them at market pick up, but with rain on the forecast, are not setting up, BUT, instead, if you would like to purchase a pound of Paw Paws, you can contact Marc and Shary, directly, today, and they will place in your market orders, for pick up!!

The Paw Paws are 5.00 a pound, and the total can be added to your cards on file, or you can add it to your check or cash payments to the market!

You MUST try these delicate beauties!!! I love them!!! They have such a sweet custard like center!! And, each look uniquely different!

I am including their original write up, but remember, they are not setting up a pop up, you must order through them, and the pricing will be different, instead of what is written!

The season is short for these, so jump on the pawpaw train!

Marc and Shary Stadler of Valley View Woodlands would like to announce a special pop-up event for the market on Thursday. It’s pawpaw season and it’s a bountiful harvest! We have pawpaws and Marc is bringing them to the market on Thursday for purchase. This is a chance for market customers to enjoy this amazing native, local fruit. If you’ve never tasted a pawpaw you are in for a real taste treat. It’s a tropical fruit that somehow adapted to our temperate climate. Marc likes to describe it as tropical crème brulee. Eat them out of hand or make delicious ice cream and smoothies. We have one of the largest commercial pawpaw “patches” in the country, with special selected varieties. They will be priced by the piece based on size, from $1 to $4 each. At the Ohio Pawpaw Festival, we sold these varieties at $4 to $12+ each and sold out quickly.

Enjoy a treat from “way down yonder in the pawpaw patch!” Thursday during pick-up time.

Contact Info:



Throw them some love!

Tuesday Wake Up Call!

Good Morning!

This is your wake up call to tell you that it is Tuesday, and the market will be closing, for the week, in one hour!

Don’t miss out on the weekly goodness!

Cosmic Pam

Must Be The Season...

When I look out my window
Many sights to see…
(Donovan-Season Of The Witch)

Well, hey there…we slipped into October, just like that. And, with October being one of my favorite months, I say, come on in. Grab a seat. Enjoy the colors. Take in the golden hue that begins to take effect. Get groovy with Halloween, if that’s your bag, and let it all just wash over you.

It’s Monday, and your market manager has started her annual October playlist, including one of my favorites, Season Of The Witch…go ahead, just try to get this groovy get down Halloween-esque song out of your head.

I am decorating my house, I’m anticipating out of town friends coming in, and I am planning all kinds of shenanigans for them…

But, first, let’s get this market all ordered up, and ready for Thursday’s pick up!! It’s a bit cloudy, this morning, and while I am enjoying the last of my coffee, listening to October tunes, and planning the week, I am also working in my market order.

We have so much to offer…so much to usher in this golden month of loveliness…

You’ve got to pick up every stitch… must be the season of the witch…

Cosmic Pam