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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Keep On The Sunny Side

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side
Keep on the sunny side of life
It will help us every day, it will brighten up the way
If we keep on the sunny side of life…
(The Carter Family)

Just a fun, upbeat, old school music. And, the music that I grew up, in my younger days, listening and dancing around as it played.

Growing up, I had one set of grandparents that I wasn’t actually close with, but they would have my brother and me over, occasionally, to spend a Saturday night sleepover. Always, on Sunday morning, The Carter Family music would humming away, while my grandmother would serve the one thing she ever could bake…her pecan caramel rolls. Overnights with them pepper my memory of those rolls, that old music (that I also inherited their collection of 45s), and, their sparkly aluminum Christmas tree. That’s it…not a lot, but enough to have given me my early appreciation for this music.

My grandparents dropped out of my life before I was 12 years old, but, like with anything in life, I just kept on with my own sunny side of looking at things…

This market always gives me that sunny side of life kind of feeling!! You all were the best, last night, and with the return of our third helper, I was able to spend more time with all of you, chatting at your cars!!

I have a few things to update!

1. Blue Jacket Dairy needed to change some of their delivery schedules, and because of that, our market will be offering their products, one week a month, for ordering!! They are going to give me their week, each month, so that I can alert all of you to order for the month!!

2. We welcome a new cookie baker who is doing such amazing things with her vision of cookies, ingredients, and flavorings!! She comes to us from Logan County, she is all the rage, and she is…The One Eyed Cookie Lab!! We welcome her and her creations!! Jennifer is super sweet, and one of the things that I love is that Hippie and the Farmer also catered her wedding, a couple of years ago. I love these full circle kind of things…

3. We are going to be announcing some summer time fun for the market in the coming weeks, and we are super excited!!

I think that’s all I have for today…just enough to keep you on the sunny side of life…

Cosmic Pam

Love, Love, Love!

It’s the way this market makes me feel!!

You are the best customers, making this the best market!

I’m opening up for orders, and will be making a few announcements, tomorrow!

Much love,
Cosmic Pam

Last Call

Good morning, lovely customers…

Just my Tuesday morning love note to remind you that the market will be closing, for this week/last week, at 8am!!

You guys have gone crazy at this market, and I cannot thank you, enough!

Each and every week, your support means the world!!!

I’ll be closing up at 8am, and you don’t want to miss out on this week’s fun!!

Cosmic Pam

Support Your Local Artists

Don’t forget…the online market closes, tomorrow morning, at 8am, for Champaign Locally Grown!!! Be a part of our Artistic Food Movement….

Because, at our little local online market, we are all artists. We are all crafting our creations. Growing our creations. Producing our creations.

We are a tight knit group of vendors with the same vision, the same hopes, and the same determination in this whole local scene.

We know that amidst the past year, many more local gigs have popped up, we know that many, many online “local” services can have goods and food delivered to your doors, and we SO VERY MUCH appreciate the trust, support, and love that you give us, each and every week!

You help us grow, you help us educate you, you help us continue this whole local scene, each and every week.

It’s Monday, and you have until tomorrow morning, at 8am, to get your orders in!! So many products, so many vendors, all inside one local greenhouse/marketplace…all so exciting to be a part of this whole adventure that was started many, many years ago!!

Cosmic Pam

Happy Flower Power Sunday!

Well, it looks like we are about to journey out of this frozen craziness, and get some sunshine, and warmer temperatures!!

And, what better way to welcome this breath of fresh air than with flowers??

Our girls from Flourish have made it possible to order those BEAUTIFUL Proteas from the Hawaii Flower Farm, while Rebekah is there, experiencing and researching.

I can tell you that these flowers are exquisite, vibrant in color, and bring complete amazement, day to day, as they each open up, in their own way.

They are very limited in quantity, so don’t miss out!!!

The power of flowers…

Cosmic Pam

Carry On

The fortunes of fables are able
To see the dawn
Now witness the quickness with which
We get along
To sing the blues you’ve got to live the tunes and
Carry on…
(Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young)

Good morning my very much missed little market of love customers! Welcome to Saturday, and welcome back from our little weather induced vacay of last week!

But, here are…ready to Carry On…(see where I am going with today’s sound implant)

You all have been flooding the market with your orders, and you still have until Tuesday morning, at 8am, to do your weekly shopping!!

I know that you have many options, these days of how and where you get your food, and many ways to acquire locally sourced items, so it makes me so happy to see this market still going so very strong!! You make my heart so very happy, moving to our May 10 Year Market Anniversary celebration…

I also picked a tune, today, from CSN&Y, because this album, Deja Vu, was one of my very first albums. Also, somedays just call for a whole lot of grooviness by CSN&Y, and….this album was spinning, in the background, when the first seeds were planted in my Cosmic Charlie history.

Many, many, and so many years ago, one of my best friends lived out in the country. She and a long time guy friend of my mine had found happiness, together, and one balmy summer night, I was out at their place, and I took a loaf of bread that I had baked, for dinner. After much wine had been consumed, and much excitement over my freshly baked bread, we all started a big plan of taking my breads, and a product that they were working on, from their gardens, on the road, to area farmers markets. I was SO revved up about this idea!! The plans were elaborate!!

But, like most hazy nights of wine planning, the next morning when I excitedly called them to see if they were in with our plans, they laughed and said…Hell, no…we were just drunk. Argh…lol. But, I decided, well, if they didn’t want to, why not take myself to the markets, and sell my bread? And, so I did. And, I was popular, and growth was quick. And, everyday, since then, going into my 12th season, I’ve never quit. Each year has brought new adventures, and new paths, and new experiences that have now allowed me to bake with exclusivity.

Since my very first farmers market, my path has seen me in various restaurants, coffee shops, retail locations, my own retail shops, a bakery, this market, and now in my umbrella of branded businesses.

But, it was all made possible from that one wine infused night, with ideas, and one loaf of what would become one of my most popular Cosmic breads.

So, a new Cosmic trivia question for the week….Which of my breads was that very first bread that sparked a million adventures??

One winner, this week, and the winners from last week, combined with this week, will get your winning products, Thursday!!

As always…you must be an ordering customer!!

Have a great Saturday!! The snow has stopped, and we are to see warmer days, this coming week!!

Carry on…
Cosmic Pam

Weather Reminder!

Just a reminder that you can continue to place orders, all week, up until next Tuesday at 8am!

Due to the winter storm, last night/this morning, and more on the way, we are not running market pick up OR deliveries, this week!!

We will return to normal, next week, with Thursday pick up, and Friday pick up/deliveries!!

Also, while you have more time, don’t forget that Ehlre Bird is running specials on their beautiful woodwork!!

Cosmic Pam

Market Update From The Weather Desk

So, I told you I would update all customers as to this week’s incoming weather, and market pick up.

With the amount of snow that is coming in, today through tomorrow, the second wave coming in on Thursday, and the cold temps, with high winds, your market managers have decided that we are not running a market pick up, this week!

We want to keep vendors, and customers safe, and not ask vendors to be on unsafe roads to deliver products, and we don’t want customers out, trying to get through roads for pick up, AND, I don’t want to try the roads to deliver all orders!

Here is what I would like to see…I am not closing out the market, so the orders that you did place, just keep them on! And, if you want to place orders, please do so! I am going to just keep the market open, all week, into next Tuesday morning, closing it, then, with a market pick up on Thursday, February 25th, as usual!!

I was going to wait, but then we decided that in case you do still need to get to the grocery to stock up, we are giving you that chance, this morning!!

Maybe this is a bit too proactive in some eyes, but in my heart, it is not.

Also…I had two answers, at the same time, for the trivia answer!!

The song was…Laughter In The Rain by Neil Sedaka!

The winners are:

Linda Locke
William OHair

Thank you!!! I will miss your smiling faces, this week, but keep up with your orders, and I will see you, next week!!

Cosmic Pam

And, Then, The Snow...

Happy Monday, and welcome to the incoming snowy day!!

Again…we are monitoring the weather for the next couple of days, as well as the rumored second round coming our way on Thursday (please, no….) So, stay tuned for updates on how we feel the best way to handle this week’s market pick up. I won’t leave you hanging, and will have an update, later…

In the meantime…what about that trivia question, yesterday?? So many attempts at the answer but no winning song, yet.

So, while you are staring out your windows, I’m throwing a clue…

One of the lyrics is…After a while we run under a tree…

There you go. The song that my 6th grade crush sang at the talent show.

Remember…to win the Cosmic trivia, you must be an ordering market customer!!

Stay tuned for news from the market weather desk…

Cosmic Pam

Another Cosmic Trivia Game!

Soooo…you all are loving the weekly Cosmic challenge that I have been tossing out to celebrate this 10th year of market love, getting to know your market manager, winning Cosmic goodness, and having fun, each and every week!

How could I let today go by, Valentine’s Day, without giving you a young Cosmic love story trivia question??

Ok…get ready for a walk down Cosmic memory lane, back to 1975-76…

You all have read about, and know my love of growing up in the West End of my hometown. I have equal love for my elementary/middle school, and the fun and education that we all got from it. It was a small school, so we were all very tight, bonded really well, and just really had the best of times.

Our school was big on field trips, cool young college graduates as our teachers, learning by experiencing, with the old school, weathered teachers, also standing guard if the fun went a little too fun.

We were also big on school events, parties, school fairs, dances, and talent shows. The talent shows were EVERYTHING!!! The auditions were so cut throat, and if you won a spot in the talent show (it was the 70s, you tried out, and were either elated or heartbroken…that’s how we rolled), you began rehearsals, costume planning, lighting, staging…it was a BIG deal, with a school dinner before the show, and all of our parents gathered in our gymnasium to cheer us on.

My 6th grade year, my friend and I won a spot in the show with our performance of the Elton John/Kiki Dee song, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart…it was FAB!! Her mother made us these satin bellbottoms, and floppy hats, and we were ON IT.

We finished our act, on stage, and went behind the curtains, and then one of the 7th grade guys, who was also very crush worthy of my 6th grade self, went out, and sang a solo. (Even though we had rehearsals, we were always divided into our grades/music class hour, so I had not heard the other classes, yet.

He belted out this song, and my young heart swooned….

The trivia question is perfect for Valentine’s Day…

What did my young crush sing on stage?

I am excited to hear all answers. I will help you out, a bit…it was a big AM Rock song…very, corny, very cheesy, but in my 6th grade heart, it was everything!

Good luck!! There will be only one winner, this week!!

Cosmic Pam