Bad Seed Mustard Company


Bad Seed Mustard Company started out like any other condiment business; in the kitchen! My Grandfather Richard Powell came across a recipe for an Old Fashioned Sweet and Hot Mustard back in 1981 while traveling the state of Ohio as an Insurance Adjuster. He brought the recipe home to Springfield Ohio, and my Grandmother Phyllis would spend the next 5 years fine-tuning and correcting the recipe so that is was just right.

For years the mustard was renowned inside the Powell Family household; finding its home on everything from Turkey Sandwiches to Hamburgers and Hotdogs. In 2012 I asked my Grandmother if she would share her secret recipe so that I could start a small project, selling the mustard locally to family and friends.

The project has quickly grown into a small business, one I know my Grandmother would be proud of. Her culinary passion extended beyond the food she plated, it encompassed even the condiments that complemented her dishes. Bad Seed Mustard Company continues this passion, providing the World’s Most Versatile Mustards!

Sam Powell

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