Old Homefarm Candles

I have been a resident of Champaign County my entire life(50+ years). I established Old Homefarm Candles because I like candles and wanted to have a hobby/business for my future retirement. The name Old Homefarm Candles was chosen, because after attending college and getting married and starting a family, my husband and I returned to my parents’ farm where I was raised and built a house where we now live.

Old Homefarm Candles has been making and selling homemade scented and decorative soy wax candles since 2013. They are sold at the monthly Champaign County Flea and Antique Show, The Depot in Lakeview, Ohio and at several area craft shows or festivals. The homemade scented 16 oz. mason jar candles are richly scented,and long and clean burning, poured with 100% natural soy wax from soybeans. Also sold are 6 piece clamshell wax melts for electric, battery and tea-light burners. These are poured with a 100% soy wax also, specially formulated for melts. Some decorative candles include pies, and drinks and may be poured with gel wax. All are scented with the maximum amount of scents recommended by the scents manufacturer.

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