Hippie and the Farmer, LLC

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Hippie and the Farmer, LLC is a business that was formed between Cosmic Charlie Bread and Oakview Farm Meats. We offer, sell, distribute boxes of themed, once a month, boxes to individuals and corporations. Farm fresh goodness, just one field away, from our farm to your door. These boxes are packed with assorted frozen meats, produce, breads, seasonal local fruit, assorted other seasonal items, newsletters, recipes, menu plans, shopping lists, and fun music playlists. These boxes can be purchased by visiting our Facebook page at Hippie and the Farmer. The popularity of our boxes rests on the unknown theme, each month, and the surprise of the contents, each month!


We would like to offer Hippie and the Farmer mixed produce boxes to our online market, here! The produce comes from the three large gardens, on the farm, of Oakview Farm Meats, also the site of the Hippie and the Farmer, LLC fully licensed commercial kitchen.

We use all organic methods of growing in our gardens, but are not certified as organic!

We do local, we are local, we support local.

Hippie and the Farmer mixed produce boxes…a box of local love!

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