Freshwater Farms Of Ohio

Website: fwfarms.com

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Freshwater Farms of Ohio has pioneered Eco-Friendly Aquaculture and Farming since 1983. The first in the world to raise rainbow trout in clean recirculating indoor culture systems, and one of the first to do so without antibiotics or hormones. Our Rainbow Trout are hatched, reared and processed at our Champaign County farm in a vertically integrated facility that maintains clean conditions from start to finish. Trout fillets are produced every week, and Freshwater Farms’ special Smoked Trout process uses no preservatives to make the best in wholesome nutrition and flavor. This ready-to-eat favorite is also used to make packaged fillets and spreads. Trout fillet trimmings are also smoked and dried crispy to make healthy dog treats without preservatives – a big time hit with 100% of the lucky canines who get them! See our website at fwfarms.com for more complete info on all of our heart-healthy products.

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