Stoll Farm/Vernon Farm Beef & Lamb

We holistically raise all-natural 100% grass-fed beef on our farms. From birth and through life, our herds are allowed to graze freely on natural grasses using intensive-grazing techniques so they thrive on the best of the grasses year round. We grow and harvest our own hay mix for round-bale feeders and rolling-bale techniques in the colder months which allow our cows to continually roam in the pasture areas. Never in feed-lots or penned. The health benefits of including grass-fed beef into your diet is Keto/Paleo friendly.
The Stoll Farm, located in Zanesfield, Ohio has been in operation since 1952 and is currently owned by Bob and Lois Stoll. Their cow-calf specialty is grass-fed Angus beef, offering a variety of cuts and packages to consumers.
The Vernon Farm operation, located in West Liberty, Ohio began in 1963 and is currently owned by Jeff & Linda Vernon. Their cow-calf specialty is a grass-fed mix of Hereford/Angus, offering similar cuts with a variety of packages to customers. We have diversified our livestock to include a small flock of Grass-Fed Lambs and offer choice cuts to our customers!
Our farm also raises a large flock of laying hens who produce large, fresh eggs from the nest! The hens are Free to Forage!
Our operations are sustainable utilizing good farming practices to promote the health of our herds and the environment. We are Beef Quality Assurance certified using best practices of humane husbandry, environment and management techniques which promote wholesome herd health. Our consumers can be assured and confident of the high quality of our beef with NO antibiotics, NO hormones and NO grain. Our philosophy of raising natural grass-fed beef is a family value we cherish and put into practice each day on the farm to provide healthy beef to our customers and raise our cows as God intended. We thank you for your support of our local, small Ohio farms.

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