Indian Creek Creamery


Indian Creek Creamery is an extension of our family dairy, opened in 1991 in rural Logan County, Ohio. Dairy farming has been our lifelong passion, and our 80 cows are like members of our own family – with names and personalities that bring a smile to our faces every day. Cow comfort is of utmost importance to us; our cows always have the option of grazing and lying in the rolling pasture outside the barn or staying inside during inclement weather. Our products are made with a loving touch every step of the way; we hope it’s a love you can taste!
Mission: We have seen and experienced first-hand the health benefits of drinking pure, farm-fresh milk as nature intended, and it is our desire to make it available to the world without extensive processing or chemical additives. Plus, dairy drinkers should know (and taste!) that their milk comes from cows who are cared for and loved. Minimally processed milk is also known to be easier on the digestive system – we’ve even seen many who are lactose-intolerant or sensitive to dairy be able to drink our milk without problems! Our non-homogenized, cream-topped milk is pasteurized using a high-temperature method which heats the milk to 171 degrees for 18 seconds, then quickly cools it to kill bacteria while maintaining that freshness and straight-from-the-cow flavor.

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