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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Rise and shine!

Rise and shine…the grand announcement my Dad would make on mornings where we had to get up rediculously early. Most often this was for a special event or when departing for a vacation. It wasn’t a regular “good morning” but one where he knew we would be groggy for certain. So this morning, groggy or not, I’m sharing my “Rise and Shine” story to bring your attention that the market is OPEN for business!

Please join us at! We await you!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for rising and shining with us!

Thank you, come again!

Good evening! Just a reminder that the market is open for business once again! A special thank you to everyone who visited us tonight at pickup and also a huge thanks to those vendors who donated something for the annual Chamber of Commerce dinner tomorrow night. Lonny’s Green Acres, Swisher Hill Herbs, Cosmic Charlie Breads, Oskview Farm Fresh Meats, Harold Holzinger, and Homecomer Traditions- we thank you! It will be a special basket for sure! Enjoy a wonderful weekend and please remember to tell a friend about us! Rumor has it JC Growers will have some produce for us out of the greenhouse next week so keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you!

It wasn’t a record breaker but it was pretty darn close! Thanks everyone for the continued support you show us each week for the market! Mark your calendars for Thursday to pick up your items! We love you and our wonderful vendors!

A record maybe?

Are we going to set a record this week? Sales are strong and I was just wondering…only you know if we will or not. T-minus three hours!!!!


Tonight, tonight...

Don’t forget today is Tuesday and the market closes tonight at 8 PM. Get your orders in soon for this week! Enjoy the sunshine and spring beauties out there!


Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...

While The Fonz and Ritchie have long passed into syndication, I writing to remind you the market is alive and well, awaiting your orders. Be sure to check out something new, including Swisher Hill’s wide variety of herbs for spring planting or something special from Cosmic Charlie, who is flying high after her grand Grand Opening on Scioto Street in her new commercial space. Check out some staples like eggs from Harold or On The Rise, and maple products from Valley View and Connelly’s. If you have yet to try the soft pretzels from Homecomer Traditions, you simply must. She sells out each week at the Mechanicsburg Market! Don’t forget kettle corn or frozen desserts from Rue Farms and those soft and flaky dinner rolls from Sunshine Gardens.

While I simply can’t name all of our vendors in one swoop, be sure to get thinking about your grilling needs like meat from Oakview and garlic from JC Growers. While we await produce, be sure to utilize those items in season. Many vendors add new products each week so be sure to check back often!

Tell your friends and family about us and how easy it is to shop with us! Co-workers also could use a reminder so spread the joy!

I have to add I saw the first asparagus of the season (and promptly attempted to hose down the patch before the sun hit the frost and rendered it damaged.) More to come but get your olive oil ready! It will be here soon!

Have a great evening and be sure to Rock and Roll all week long!

Cosmic news!

I am sure you have heard by now but our friend Pam Bowshier with Cosmic Charlie Bread is hosting her Grand Opening today at 117 Scioto Street. Stop in, Bread Heads and everyone else, to say congrats to Pam as she expands to a commercial baking space. Hard work pays off and nobody beats the bushes as many hours of the day as Pam! We’re so excited for you Pam! Congrats!

Another week is upon us!

Thank you to Michelle and Charlene for leading us last night at a great market! Don’t forget shopping is available until Tuesday night!

Some exciting news to share too! Thank you to Swisher Hill Herbs who offered up some of their wonderful spring herbs as both decorations and for sale to help raise both awareness and funding for the Caring Kitchen and the Market Street Community Garden. We so enjoyed their beauty and made a few dollars to boot! Thank you Charlene and Joe!

Last call!

Put your rain boots down and get to your computer as we are running on our last call! T-minus 30 minutes! Last call!

My mother nature story from today...

So I admit, I sometimes try to fool mother nature and she doesn’t miss a beat. The background is I have a older hen that was made an outcast from the group a few months ago. To me, chicken coops are where bullying must have originally started and if left to battle it out, sometimes ends in death. Knowing this, I intervened and placed her in a separate cage to strengthen her and give everyone a chance to forget their meanness. There indeed is a “pecking order” with hens and I believe this is true, even in how they place themselves on the rows of the roosts with the roosters best girlfriends alongside him and just those other ladies on lower roosts. I have heard this order is also to protect the best of the flock should an intruder enter the coop allowing the lowest ones to be sacrificed while the most protected remain higher up on the roosts. Thankfully this portion of the story remains unproven in my coop.

So tonight I let them all out in the grass and into the compost pile beside the barn to scratch and munch on bugs. They obviously loved them and squawked with delight. The man in charge directs them to certain finds and calls them to attention. This too is amazing that they listen so intently to his suggestions. Often if he finds something, he calls to them and backs up allowing them to eat it unselfishly. Impressive chivalry!

The sneaky part of my story begins when I quietly retrieved my little outcast who has really plumped up in her secure little vacation spot and placed her along the edge of the fencing. Looking exactly a mirror image to the other Barred Rocks, she sauntered towards the compost and snuck around the currant bush awaiting it’s spring leaves.

She joined the group near the base of the compost hill and that darn rooster wasn’t fooled a bit. He made a few calls with a throated-gesture and tip-toed almost sideways towards her. I have begun to think that the sideways walk is part mating ritual and part agent 007 as it seems too predictable to me but not to “the girls”.

He immediately let us both know the gig was up and tried to fight her like two boxers on the ropes. I intervened once again and carried her quietly back to her more-than-temporary home. We shared a few words and I apologized for the bully in the barnyard. She seemed to understand and perhaps from the flashbacks of terror or from the sight of the full food and water dish, she trotted right back into her cage. So sleep tight ladies and gents…we’ll try again another time!

As another day on the farm comes to a close, I encourage you to try something new this season. Chickens are a wonderful addition but perhaps herbs are your choice. Whatever you choose, spread your wings and give something new a go! You will learn so much, even if it is who is nice to you in your flock!

Don’t forget to order from us as the market is open! There are lots of exciting things to share so spend a few minutes and learn more about our vendors! Good night to my friends in my flock!