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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Tomorrow’s Time Slots!

Thank you for another great market!!

Tomorrow’s times:



Also, as always, we have the Friday pick up, 10am-noon!

And, remember, if you are not paying ahead with a card, please have a check made out to Oakview Farm Meats, or exact cash/change in a ziplock bag with your name!

See you, tomorrow!

Cosmic Pam

Tuesday Love Note

She lives on Love Street
Lingers long on Love Street
She has a house and garden
I would like to see what happens..
(The Doors-Love Street)

Bringing you nothing but love on this Tuesday morning! And, also to remind you that the market closes for the week, tonight, at 8pm!

The market is looking all jazzy with orders, and we thank you, kindly, for that!

If you have not yet ordered for the week, don’t forget…I want to see all of your smiling faces, now that I am back from my week off!!

I’m getting ready to order my own dose of market love…

See you on Thursday, or Friday…

Cosmic Pam

Monday Flourish Notes

This weeks bouquets is called the summer solstice and will feature beautiful locally grown bells of Ireland, sweet peas, dill heads, yarrow, luscious lillies and garden roses.

We will have bunches of lavender available now too for $12 – would that be ok if I added it to the market?

Freshwater Farms Info!

I know that so many of you have been emailing me about some of the unavailability of Freshwater Farms products that you have grown to love!

Like all of our vendors, since March, with the huge growth spurt the market has seen happen, they have been working, working, working to keep up with the demand, but sometimes, it gets difficult to keep their retail shop, and this market, always stocked!

So, if you cannot find some of the items, in stock, here, please visit their shop online market, for those items, until they catch up with demand for both places!

Their shop website is…

Or, it’s also just a short drive to their retail shop, and farm!

We look forward to them restocking, soon, here, but until then, use their website!

Cosmic Pam

Come Saturday Morning

We’ll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles…
(The Sandpipers)

It’s Saturday, it’s sunshine, and it’s going to be a lovely day!

While you are soaking up the sun, and all the good vibes, don’t forget to get those orders in so that on Thursday, you don’t have sad Thursday faces.

I loved taking a bit of time off, last week, but I love being back to the market, watching your orders flow in, and ready to bake the love into your week.

The market has so much to offer, and each week, we love seeing your smiling faces.

Yesterday, I gave an interview to Growing Ohio Magazine, a division of Farm Flavor, based out of Tennessee, and it is always so fun to gush about this lovely market, the customers, and our growth. Since March, all of you have been part of such an evolution of this market, watching and participating in it’s staggering growth. For that, I am always, truly grateful.

I have nothing but love, for each of you, and I hope you have a sunshine, love filled Saturday…

Cosmic Pam

Hello, Old Friend

As I am strolling down the garden path,
I saw a flower glowing in the dark.
It looked so pretty and it was unique;
I had to bend down just to have a peek.
Hello old friend,
It’s really good to see you once again…
(Eric Clapton)

Well, hello there, lovely little local market of love vendors!! It’s been just a week, but feels like a lifetime, since we were last groovin’ together!!

I am back from my vacation week, all Cosmic products are back in play, and I had a lovely little time away with my daughter, wedding venue securing, and a general mental break!

But, now, I am back, I have missed you, and I am ready to greet all of your shiny faces, this week, with all of your orders…

It’s really good to see you, once again…

Cosmic Pam

Tomorrow's Time Slots!

Hey, now! It’s time slot day!

Tomorrow, I have streamlined things for everyone, in my absence!



And, I will be back, in action, with all products, when I reopen the market, tomorrow night!

Cosmic Pam

Also…don’t forget about the construction…if coming into Urbana from the Springfield side, use 68, and take a right on Powell, and a right on 54!

If coming from Urbana, take a left on Powell, right on 54, or however you usually would journey to the farm!


Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala…
(Three Dog Night)

Hoping that you find out market, just this way…helpful, kind, and well, musically fun…

I am off, this week, and heading to the airport, today, to pick up my lovely daughter, and spend a few days before she goes to Columbus for all things engagement pictures, asking her attendants to be in the wedding, and finally getting to celebrate with all of them, since she got engaged, the week before the pandemic hit.

I will miss you all, terribly, and I will miss baking for you! But, you will be able to order, again, when the market reopens on Thursday eve!

I’m going to help get everything set up in the greenhouse, and then turn things over to your other market manager, my dad, and our other helper who usually helps to get your plants all rounded up!

Please be patient, and kind, as you always are. My dad will be bringing your boxes to your cars. I will give you the breakdown of your time slots, and PLEASE REMEMBER…you will need to come up 68, to Powell Ave, and make a right on 54 to the farm!!!

The market will be closing, this evening, at 8pm…

Ok….I love you all to the moon and back!!

How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala…

Turn this song up…you are guaranteed a good mood!

Cosmic Pam

Monday Flourish Notes

So this weeks bouquet is all my favorite blooms this year in celebration of my birthday week hehe

Rebekah’s Birthday blooms- featuring Ranunculus, garden roses, snapdragons, chamomile & frosted explosion foliage!

Thank you!

Sunshine Daydream

Sugar magnolia
Ringin’ that blue bell
Caught up in sunlight
Come on out singing
I’ll walk you in the sunshine
Come on honey, come along with me…
(Sugar Magnolia…Grateful Dead)

Well, today was a beautiful market day with sunshine, mild temps, breezes…it was a smile day, all around, and I loved seeing each and every one of you!!

This market puts the sunshine in my days, and you all make me so happy, each week, with the loyal orders, and your love of getting your food, all local, all from lovely local vendors, striving to bring you nothing but goodness.

I am opening the market for the week, with one tiny change…your market manager has placed all of her Cosmic goodness on a week’s vacation mode!! I have been going strong since March, organizing, cooking, baking, tending to the masses, and now, my daughter is flying in from FLA, I have one day and evening to see her, next Thursday, and I am taking that window of time to meet up with her and her new fiancé in Columbus!!

BUT…I will still be running the market, behind the scenes, setting the market up, AND monitoring all things at pick up, via my phone!!

AND…your Happy Chicks Egg lady also needs to be on vacation mode, only for the week, to help take care of a family member. She will also return, after next week!

CONSTRUCTION…the question on everyone’s mind!!! Yes, part of Rt. 54 will be under a bit of construction. The state department told your other market manager, Mark, that customers can still travel 68, turn onto Powell Ave., and then continue to the farm, the back way. Or, if coming from Urbana, you can also go Patrick Avenue, and out 54!

I think that’s it for this evening…thank you for always letting me, and the market vendors, into your lives, each week!

And now…the last verse of the song…

Sunshine daydream
Walking through the tall trees
Going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose
Breathing more freely
Light out singing
I’ll walk you in the morning sunshine
Sunshine daydream…

Cosmic Pam