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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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December Market Notes

I hope you can stand two emails, today, since I have been giving you a break for the past week…lol.

Ok…since so many of you have never been with us in a December, and so many of you are jumping into the market, brand new, right now, I wanted to explain a few things. AND, even those who have been with us, it’s always good to refresh.

December is always a short month for the market. This year, there will be three weeks of market operation. We always close for the weeks of Christmas and New Year, but are back in high gear, January, for the rest of the year!

So, if you are Christmas shopping from the market, please note that the last market pick up will take place on December 17.

And, if you would like to give the gift of local for Christmas, please contact me about purchasing gift cards, in any increment, for friends, family, neighbors, office mates…keep the love train going.

When the market closes for the rest of December, I will be adding a new feature to the market. You will be able to click on a delivery option by selecting one of the delivery fee buttons that will be put into place. We know that at times, the weather can be a bit much to get out, or for those of you who are getting our deliveries, out of the area, there will be a weekly delivery fee. Shopping for the delivery fee will be just like adding an item to your cart. Exciting times! Until then, any Springfield/Clem and Thyme orders will automatically have their delivery fee added to their total.

Construction…ugh, the dreaded construction. It starts, this week, right around the market pick up site. I will know more, Monday, on how best to get you to the market pick up. Nothing too terrible, just a bit out of the norm.

AND…I am sure many of you have noticed that my Cosmic Charlie Breads, and Hippie and the Farmer products on in vacation mode. I am so very sorry for this. But, I am on standby to drive to Florida, to help my daughter move into her newly built house, but since the final inspections were already to have been done, and I was to be down, and back, my now, I am in a holding pattern. And, since I am driving (I do not feel comfortable flying, right now) the trip will take a bit longer. I may be leaving, this week, next week, or not until January. So, because I cannot commit to baking, I put my things on hold. If I find out on Monday, that I will not be leaving, this week, I will alert you that I am taking things out of vacation mode for ordering. If you have already ordered, you can place another order, if that happens!

AND…in my absence, I leave you with your other market manager, and my father. While I will be bossing them along, via the phone, and anxious texts.

Ok…thank you, all of you, for making this market what it is, and I look forward to what this market will do, after the holiday season is over!

Love and light…
Cosmic Pam

Welcome Back

We always could spot a friend, welcome back
And I smile when I think how you must have been
And I know what a scene you were learning in
Was there something that made you come back again

And what could ever lead ya
(What could ever lead ya)
Back here where we need ya
(Back here where we need ya)
(Theme Song from, Welcome Back, Kotter-John Sebastian from Lovin’ Spoonful)

Welcome back, lovely little local market of love customers!! I hope that you all had lovely holiday celebrations, though I know that we all experienced a different kind of celebration. Many had zoom celebrations, many made due with phone calls…it truly was a different way to celebrate, but I would like to imagine that the love vibes were even brighter, because of it.

Now, here we are, right off of Thanksgiving, and looking ahead to December! Can you believe it?? Crazy how time flies. I see that so many of you have started your weekly ordering, and I love you for that!

I also wanted to do my yearly reminder, that always happens on this Saturday, of Small Business Saturday…now, more than ever, your local communities need your support. Some of you feel fine about being out, and about, and shopping, and others are more apt to shelter in, while shopping online. You can still support local businesses by shopping them, online, purchasing gift cards, showing them any appreciation in the form of sales, would help them, tremendously.

I remember when I used to have my shops, it was such a pleasure to have the crowds rushing in on this day. Those crowds cannot all rush in, at once, so if you are out, and there are lines, please be patient. If you are ordering online, the shop owners love little notes to them, along with your purchases. If dining out, tip even more than you normally would, or arrange carry out, to take home. Not one person has not been affected, in one way or another. Today is your day to show your community how much you love them.

And, you can always show this market how much you love local by shopping, online, from the comfort and safety of your own home. OR…contact me for a market gift certificate to give to those you love!

Local is Love…let’s toss that love all around your local communities…

Cosmic Pam

Thanksgiving Sweetness

Hello! Hoping your Thanksgiving was amazing!

The market opens with a note from Misty, at Cris Mis! More from me, tomorrow!

In an effort to provide unique gifts to our customers, I have been working in a “secret” project since early this year and it’s finally ready!

Introducing our new Madagascar Vanilla bean extract! Made with Grade A vanilla beans directly from Madagascar and high quality vodka, our extract has been infusing for over 6 months. Our vanilla bean extract will take your cooking to a whole new level!

This makes the perfect gift for the Chef in your life who loves to cook with high quality ingredients!

Old Friends

Old friends, they shine like diamonds
Old friends, you can always call
Old friends, Lord, you can’t buy ‘em
You know it’s old friends, after all…
(Chris Stapleton)

Today’s song implant comes to us from market customer, William OHair. William always pulls up, has great music playing, throws music implants to me, burns cds for me, and always has his hippie vibe going on with his peace sign face masks.

Last night, he told me how amazing the new Chris Stapleton cd was, so I came home, and played it via Alexa. So good! This song stood out to me, and made me think of all of you, after last night’s market pick up. You all are like old friends, as you pull up, have a chat, share snippets of your lives, and we wave goodbye.

Also, friends…remember that the market is closed for ordering until I reopen on Thanksgiving night. I hope that you have a lovely week, and holiday.

I know that many of us have elected to really pare down the holiday festivity, this year, with me being one of them, but I hope that you will still feel the love and gratitude that the Thanksgiving holiday brings.

I am most thankful for all of you, each and every week, and I will touch base with you, next Thursday! Yes, you get a week away from your market manager’s ramblings!

Until next week, friends…

Cosmic Pam

It's A Sunshine Day!

I just can’t stay inside all day
I gotta get out get me some of those rays
Everybody’s smilin
Sunshine day!
(Brady Bunch)

Go ahead, turn up the bubblegum music on this sun filled, warm day, headed our way! Just in time for tonight’s market pick up!! But, it’s going to be windy, so no hats for your market manager, today!

First, thank you, thank you for the spectacular market, again, this week!

There are a lot of you, and there are a few new customers to the market!

You may begin picking up your orders at 4pm, this evening, at the site of Oakview Farm Meats 1645 St. Rt. 54, Urbana!

Please pull into the drive, noticing the flow of the car line, and you will begin pulling up to the new extension to the greenhouse! Your other market manager worked hard to get the walls and front door ready, but has not yet cut out the windows, or painted. But, it gives me some protection from the elements that will be heading our way, soon.

The guys in the greenhouse will pack your orders, as I give them your name, and then I will deliver it to your trunk, or in your car.

Payments are easiest for the flow of the line if you are ready with them! If your don’t have a card on file, you can either call me, today, with your card number, or you can have a check made out to Oakview Farm Meats, with your total. OR, exact cash in a ziplock bag with your name!

The lines can be long, at times, so just enjoy the sunshine, the country, and the relaxed part of your day, while we get you packed up, and ready for the road!

If you are new, we welcome you to this very large market family! And, as your manager, I love when customers give me a favorite song, or a favorite market product! I love to write about the different customers that are a part of the market scene.

If you need a Friday morning pick up, please let me know! If you are a Clem N Thyme customer from Yellow Springs, we deliver your orders, tomorrow afternoon to their farm office!

I’ll see everyone, this evening!

Be groovy,
Cosmic Pam

Tuesday Love Note

Just popping on to let you know that you have until 8pm, this evening, to get your orders in!

If you missed out on eggs, earlier in the week, both 4 Hens and a Rooster, and Oakview added more eggs!

The market is going to crazy, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our vendors’ hearts!

I just got in for the day, and am headed to place my own order!!

Cosmic Pam

Don't Stop

If you wake up and don’t want to smile,
If it takes just a little while,
Open your eyes and look at the day,
You’ll see things in a different way.
(Fleetwood Mac-written by Christine McVie)

Today’s Song Implant comes to us from weekly customer Kathleen Smith!

What a great song choice! Originally written by Christine McVie to help her deal with her separation from from band member John McVie, and to encourage people to always move forward. Put the bad days behind. A great pep song, no matter where you are in life.

Also, I want to remind all of you that the market closes, this evening, at 8pm, for the week’s orders!

AND…this is the last market before our Thanksgiving week’s break, next week!!

Have the grooviest of Tuesdays, and I will see you all, this evening, as I close out the market! Don’t miss out!

Cosmic Pam

Market Reminders From Sunshine Central

Good morning, market lovelies!!

It’s a beautiful sunshine day now that those crazy winds have subsided!

And, with the sunshine streaming in, I wanted to also bring you some sunshine reminders to start the week!

This week’s market is going crazy with orders, and we are also continuing to add new customers! So, I thought this would be a great time to revisit the workings of the market!

We close, tomorrow evening, at 8pm, for the week’s orders. Pick up for the orders is Thursday evening, 4pm-6pm, at the site of Oakview Farm Meats, St. Rt.54, Urbana. We generally shut down the greenhouse where the market takes place, promptly, at 6pm. At that point, I like to get my father on the road, back home…you know, the smiling volunteer from the greenhouse. And, I like to make a fast retreat, home, at that point, for my evening block of time to regroup. AKA a large glass of wine.

If you are a Friday pick up, already on the books, we know we will see you between 10am-12pm, Fridays. If you find that your schedule needs you to pick up on a Friday, please let me know, ahead of time, so I can add you to the Friday list.

We require everyone to stay in your cars, and we bring the orders to you! Payment is either taken care of, contactless, with a credit or debit card. This means you will need to call me with your number, the first time, and then you are added into the market POS system, and you no longer need to phone. Your card will automatically be charged for your order.

If you are paying in cash, please have the exact amount, in a ziplock bag, with your name! Check payments can be made out to Oakview Farm Meats.

If you are our Clem & Thyme customer base, your delivery to Yellow Springs will be on Friday afternoon, to their farm/office, with a small delivery fee added.

After the Thanksgiving break, we will talk more about the delivery system, especially when the weather gets bad, for those of you who do not want to be on the roads.

I hope I have explained things to the new customers, and it’s always good to revisit for everyone!

It’s Monday, and the market is ready to take your orders…

Cosmic Pam

Favorite Things and A Favorite Song

Thursday market pick ups are so fun because I get to see you all from the comfort of your cars, we get to chat, a bit, and then I load you up, and you are on your way.

I also love when you all give me a song, and product favorites.

This past Thursday, customer Deb Walters gave me a piece of paper with her favorite song, and favorite market item.

She picked the song, Scar Tissue, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you are familiar with the song, the lyrics, you know how powerful the meanings are in the song. The song deals with the reality of addiction, which most of the band members dealt with. It was also a message of sorts as some member returned to the line up, while a snub to those who were let go. It also reflected their utter devastation when one member was lost to his addiction.

A lot of life lessons, reflections, and jumping into new directions at this point in their career. Much like life, and all of it’s twists, turns, ups, downs.

Deb has been a customer, of mine, from way back in the my early days as co-manager/manager of the Mechanicsburg Farmers’ and Artisans’ market. Her daughter would stop, and shop, and then you would see Deb walking down to the market with her cute pup, shopping from all of the vendors. She then became one of our first virtual market customers when we kicked off this market, and has remained with us.

Her favorite things of the market are the fresh flowers. And, I have to agree. The amount of fresh flowers that have been ordered from all of our floral vendors, since March, has been staggering to see.

But, why not? Fresh flowers, much like her favorite song, seem to swoop in, looking so beautiful, and elevating our moods in the exact time when we may need it. Twists, turns, happy, sad…flowers always lift us up.

And, with that, I leave you to your Sunday. I do want to mention on more message from Kim, of The BARKERY.

Kim was in vacation mode for two weeks so that she could take care of her two grand babes. Upon her return, she has been crazy busy, covering extra shifts at work, but will be back with Christmas products right after the Thanksgiving break!

Cosmic Pam

Keep On Flourishing

Happy Saturday Afternoon!

Here is a word from our favorite duo, letting us know we can keep on keeping on with Flourish!

Hello everyone! Flowers beds have gone to rest for the season and we are changing our offerings. You can anticipate wreaths and greenery arrangements being added to the market soon. In the meantime we’ve added a couple new things. Our mini lavender bushes were a fan favorite so we brought them back but bigger this time around! They’re in 4” pots and can be beautifully keep inside this winter and planted come warmer days. + we have Christmas cactus for a limited time. These can be found in the live plan section of the market! We will be having poinsettias in soon, please email us at if you’re interested so we can get enough! Tis the season!!!!