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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Turkey Chase

Good morning, lovely market customers!

What a change in the weather from a few short days ago. But, this brisk change just makes an early Saturday morning even more inviting to sit, with my coffee, and my favorite Saturday coffee mug, looking out at the frost on the hills behind my house, spin some tunes, and let the day unfold.

Today’s title, is from a soundtrack that I have loved, ever since I can remember. It’s from the Bob Dylan soundtrack to the movie, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. Bob did the music for the movie, and appeared in the movie as…..go ahead, surprise me with emailing me your answer. No cheating by looking it up. The first person to answer, gets a free Cosmic product, this week!

Anyway, November always draws me deep into listening to two Bobs. Dylan and Weir. Anyway, since here we are, in November, very close to Thanksgiving, I wanted to give a few updates to those of you who have only been with us since March, when we moved the market.

This week’s market is traditionally the last market before the Thanksgiving holiday. We take the whole week off for Thanksgiving. We don’t try to reschedule the pick up day. When we hit this point in the year, the season, I like to give the vendors a bit of time off. We all need a bit of a recharge, at this point. As their market manager, I am demanding, I ask for a lot from them, and each and every week, they give me their A game.

So, get your orders in, this week, because we will be off, the following week. On Thanksgiving eve, I will reopen the market for ordering.

In this month of November, this month of thanks, and giving, I always reflect back on things of the year. It’s been a crazy train. A crap shoot. Uncertainty. Questions. My gosh…how did we even get here? But, I am so thankful for silver linings in times of turmoil. This market, and it’s move to the farm, is one of them. The great pleasure of all of the customer base who have become more than customers. You have become friends. Each and every week, I love getting snippets of your lives. I love loading your cars with market loveliness.

For some reason, I have never been able to run this market as an assembly line at pick up. Some have said, why not just pack things up, and let the customers grab their boxes and go? Or, why not have several people out to hand out orders.

I cannot do that. A large part of what sets this market apart from other online pick ups/deliveries, is the interaction and bonds that have been built with each of you. It’s important to how this market thrives.

I hope that you all feel the same. I hope that you find peace, as you drive out to Thursday pick ups on the farm.

And, while we are giving thanks, I feel we all need to give the other market manager, and his family, a HUGE thank you, for housing the market after the YMCA had to let us find another place, in March. Because of their kindness, the market has grown into what I had always hoped, bringing all of you to the market.

The vendors deserve ALL the thanks for supplying us with product, each week, and for stepping up to the high volume and demands of this market.

And, while I have taken up your Saturday, long enough, I urge you to communicate with any of our vendors, if there is something that you would like during our week’s hiatus, after this Thursday. Many times, you all are able work things out, on the side.

Much love to you all…I’m floating back into my cloud of Dylan instrumentals, and allowing you to get back to your ordering.

Many thanks to the song requests, and favorite things, this week…I will be featuring all of them.

Cosmic Pam

Hello, I Love You

A little Doors to groove you…

It was an excellent market, this evening, and now your market manager is tired, and ready for beauty sleep!

The market is open, and I will post more, tomorrow

Much love,
Cosmic Pam

The Thursday Love!

Good morning all of you groovy market customers!!

Once again, you blew me away, this week, with your orders!

The vendors, and the market, thank you, kindly, and I can hardly wait to greet you, this evening!!

There are no time slots, so come, anytime between 4pm-6pm! If you need a Friday pick up, and you are not on my Friday list, please let me know!

It’s going to be a sunshine day, again, and nothing makes your market manager happier than sunshine at market pick up!

Give me your songs, give me your favorite market products, and I will write all about your thoughts!

See you soon!

Cosmic Pam

Tuesday Love Note

Just a quick note to remind you that tonight, at 8pm, the market will close for this week’s ordering fun!

Don’t miss all the action because I love seeing all of your smiling faces at market pick up!!

This will serve as your last reminder…

Hoping that you enjoyed yet another beautiful day!

Cosmic Pam

My Favorite Things

Today’s Favorite Things entry comes from long time customer, Susan Lantz…

Susan has been with us, even back in the YMCA early days, and she is always the sweetest woman with the best smile.

Here is the note that was with her payment at market pick up:

Top Favorite:

Cosmic Apple Focaccia! It’s what I always order when my kids are back in town, and we all love it. Warmed up and a little butter…Great for breakfast, brunch, whenever :)

And, it’s also great when you need a special little gift. Everyone says how beautiful and artisan it is.

Susan Lantz

(Of course, when I saw this note with her payment, and read it….you guessed it, as always, I cried)

Listen To The Music

All the time
Like a lazy flowing river surrounding castles in the sky
And the crowd is growing bigger listening for the happy sounds and I got to let them fly
Ooh-uh-woo listen to the music
Ooh-uh-woo listen to the music
Ooh-uh-woo listen to the music
All the time…
(The Doobie Brothers)

Happy Monday to you all on this continuing string of sunshine, daydream, warm kind of November days! I groove so much to the sun, and in my different moments of downtime, this weekend, I just relaxed in the sunshine.

Yesterday was big as my daughter was in Columbus for a quick weekend, ending in us back at the bridal boutique, saying YES to the dress, getting her measurements, and me, even after the second time seeing her dress choice, getting all teary eyed at the beauty of the young woman in front of me. It seems like I was just dropping her off in car line at preschool, in Florida, and it seemed to flash by in a whirl of the years. She turns 27 on Thanksgiving, and is ready to move into her new house, with her best friend in life. Had I tried to even draw and create her perfect mate, I couldn’t have done a better job. It brings me great joy, but also a tad sadness, but in a good way!

Anyway, yesterday morning, I woke up way too early, so I made coffee, and settled in with a Doobie Brothers documentary from their early 70s years. It sent me on a musical journey with a new appreciation for their music, especially from their ’72-75 years. And, then, well this song…who can stop themselves from breaking out into a good mood?

It’s Monday, the market is open, and it’s a great day to get your orders in for the week, and even dabble in a bit of Christmas shopping.

Dance to your own beat, listen to your own song, and have the best of days, today!

Cosmic Pam


And even if time ain’t really on my side
It’s one of those days for taking a walk outside
I’m blowing the day to take a walk in the sun…
(The Lovin’ Spoonful)

Good morning, lovely market customers! Is anyone else having a slow starting morning?

I am sitting with coffee, staring out the windows, at the sunshine, trying to get it all together to start the day, and yet here I am…daydreaming. Nothing in particular going on in my thoughts, just a lot of jumbled up tunes, images from fashion pages, that I am flipping through, thinking of a few new items to add to the market, next month, but really just enjoying the quiet hush of nothing, and nobody around.

I love waking up, and looking at all of the orders flowing in from Thursday night’s opening. Thank you for that! I love looking at the offerings of our market, and make my own lists of what I may need for the week.

And, I like to reflect on some of the things that I love, and cannot be without.

Candles…our market offers the BEST candles. So lovely in scent, so long lasting, so clean when they burn. If you know me, and have been to my house, you know that one of my favorite things to do, right around sunset, is light all candles that are placed, everywhere.

Smudge sticks…this market has them, and I light mine, weekly. It’s nice to cleanse the aura of your house, your soul, and just life in general. I love to open my front door, wide, light up, and wave the smudge stick around while throwing my thoughts all around with it. It’s a lovely practice.

Oils…we have lovely oils, and the one that I purchase on the every, is the patchouli. If you peek into my makeup bag, my handbag, my drawers and closets, you will find my rollerballs of patchouli. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and you need to pick your oils wisely, but this is my favorite. And, I have tried many, but this works with my body chemistry. And, to make it all mine, I layer it with my signature perform that I have worn for ages and ages…

Body lotions…the goats milk lotions are the best. So amazing! I use the unscented because, well, I am scented up enough with patchouli…lol

Body scrubs…I love the body scrubs that have joined the market. The coffee scrub is my favorite, and my skin thanks me, each time I use it!

I hope that you enjoy the favorite things lists that I like to include. Today, my focus is on home and beauty because, well, isn’t this the soul of all that is life?

It’s time for me to begin my day, and I will see some of you, later, when you pick up your Friday orders!

Go out, enjoy these lovely November days, soak of the sun, and get lost in your own daydream.

Cosmic Pam

Happy Evening!

A short note of love to all of you who used the market, this week, and to all of you who order, each week!

I am tired, had a glass of wine, and am opening the market for the week!!

Much love to all of you!

Cosmic Pam


If you ordered from Old Souls, this week, please do not plan to pick up, tonight, until close to 5pm, or schedule a Friday delivery!

There was a snafu in this morning’s delivery, and will now not receive it until after 4pm!!

I will keep you updated if anything changes!!

Let me know if you need to switch to Friday!

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine, daydream, picture in the tall trees
Going where the wind goes, blooming like a red rose…
(Sugar Magnolia-Grateful Dead)

What a perfect song to kick off this beautiful sunshine day! On market pick up!! No torrential rains!!

You guys gave the market SO much love, this week, and we thank you kindly!!

Even though it’s a big market, we are not battling the weather of last week, so there are no time slots! Pick up is between 4pm-6pm!

If you need a Friday pick up, let me know!

Bring me your favorite song or tell me one of your favorite market items!

Fun fact about today’s song….when my daughter was born, I designed an all Grateful Dead nursery for you, and used two of their songs, and lyrics. This song was one of the songs!

Have a lovely day, and I look forward to seeing you at pick up!

Cosmic Pam