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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Cosmic Weekly Trivia

It’s that time, again!! Time for your weekly chance to win a free Cosmic product, of your choice!!!

All leading up to our 10th year anniversary of the market!! I love all of your excitement, each and every week, and all of your answers!!

This week, we are still visiting the years that I used to travel to various farmers’ markets, in my yellow VW bug, selling my breads, and bringing the Cosmic fun, each and every time.

I gave you the Cosmic Classic Five, a week or so ago. Within that group, there was one of the bread varieties that was always a summer sell out at each market!! It was the one that customers waited in line to grab, and I couldn’t bake enough of it in the summer months.

Which Cosmic bread was the farmers’ market darling, no matter where I set up?

Remember…you must be an ordering customer for the week, to win!!

Cosmic Pam

Astral Weeks

Astral Weeks…Van Morrison…the whole album…perfect for this rainy, windy Sunday. Pull it up, listen to it all. It’s such a hauntingly, soulful album. One of my all time favorites.

So, the market is groovin’ along, you all are ordering your Easter goods as you are also ordering your weekly goods.

It’s been a beautiful weekend to think about the incoming spring, the new growing season, and all of the seasonal products that will begin to drift back into the market.

Also, there are new woodworking offerings from Homecomer Traditions, along with new offerings from CrisMiss Farms!!

This market just continues to sail into the mystic, connecting, each and every week with you, our lovely customers.

I will update you, as the weeks come, with returning vendors, and their offerings.

I hope you have a relaxing, good vibes day…

Cosmic Pam

Thank You!

Another lovely market pick up with the loveliest of customers!!

The market is reopening for your weekly ordering!

And, don’t forget to keep in mind that this will be the week to order for any Easter needs!!

Much love to all of you and your constant support!

Cosmic Pam

Happy Thursday!!

Good morning!

Just your Thursday market reminder that it’s order pick up night, tonight, if you placed an order with the market, this week!

Also, if you are a Friday pick up, you may do so, tomorrow, but we need it as close to 10am, as possible, as we have a meeting in Springfield, and Yellow Springs deliveries to make!!

There is also the Saturday option of pick up, at the shop, between 10am-4pm!

And…a huge welcome to our new customers, this week!!

See you, this evening, between 4pm-6pm…

Cosmic Pam

Morning Glory

What’s the story morning glory?
You need a little time to wake up wake up…

It’s Tuesday, and the market closes for weekly ordering at 8am!! Do you have your orders in?

Also…if you were a Cosmic trivia winner, I need your selections for your winning breads!!

Good morning, Morning Glory…see you on the flip side…

Cosmic Pam

Sunday Sunshine

Good morning, and welcome to this sunshine filled day!! Yesterday was just perfect, and here we go again…a lovely start to the spring season.

It is Sunday, your orders are flying in, and just a reminder that you have until Tuesday morning at 8am to complete your orders!!

And, yesterday’s Cosmic trivia question gave three winners!!! I had three answers, all at the same time!!

The answer to which Cosmic Classic Five, have I baked the most was….Sugaree!

Congrats to…

Ellen Pond
Shary Stadler
William OHair!

I am off to enjoy the day…make sure to peruse all of the loveliness that makes up this market. Your vendors are the best!!

Cosmic Pam

Happy Saturday AND Cosmic Trivia!

Enjoy the sunshine, today, lovely customers as we say hello to the incoming Spring season!!

A time for growth, renewal, and rejoicing…

The market is open, and you all are going crazy with ordering!!

I am getting ready to go bake the morning away for Saturday customers, but first…trivia!

When I started my Cosmic Charlie baking business, I began with what I call the, Cosmic Classic Five…

Cosmic Artisan
Cosmic Whole Wheat
Cosmic Basil
Cosmic Rosemary
Cosmic Sugaree

The Classic Five are still heavy in my rotations and requests, but out of the five, which one have I baked the most of?

Go ahead…get your answers in for a chance to win a free Cosmic product!! And, you must be an ordering customer, this week, to win!!

Go soak up that sunshine…

Cosmic Pam

When You Buy From A Small Business...

An Actual Person Does A Little Happy Dance…

One of the things that I love most about managing this online market, is my relationship with each vendor. Our market is approaching it’s 10th year in existence, and if you think about each week, for 10 years, that is a lot of time to spend with vendors who become family.

We boast such an amazing array of vendors, products, personalities, and all with a willingness to go that extra mile, not only for me, but for all of the market customer base.

I have never worked with so many people who all have such positive, upbeat souls….all helping to push this market, each and every week!

When you are shopping, look back at last year, and how so many of you started to become more and more aware of your food source, your health concerns, your fears of where your food that was actually coming from, and then your love of knowing where our growers are growing/producing.

Your health was a concern. The local community was your concern. You began to learn what I have been screaming about, on my soapbox, for years….you learned the difference between buying locally grown vs. buying food that was available in local stores.

You learned that buying local doesn’t always mean that it is being grown locally.

Our vendors love this market, they love the customers, and they love, each week, watching the orders flood in for their products. They are not concerned about getting rich, or having HUGE sales, each and every week. I mean, yes…when everyone has a great selling week, we all cheer, but you know what concerns our vendors? You. The actual customer. The people. If they make only one sale that week, they are still doing that happy dance.

This market has always been about customer first, vendor happiness, and the best locally grown and produced products.

We have the next expansion plan in the works to help kick off our tenth year that happens in May, and I am so excited to watch it come to life!!

The market is open for ordering, we are ready to do happy dances, and we are ready to make you, the customer, even more happy with what we provide!

Cosmic Pam

And, Then, The Winds...

My, oh my…what a windy, rainy, cold market!!

Thank you to all who came out to grab your orders! Thank you for the patience when lines got a little jammed up! Thank you for your chit chat, laughs, and just general friendship.

It’s not always a sunshine, daydream weather kind of market pick up, so I love that I can count on all of your loveliness, as the wind and rain knocks me all over the place!

I have poured a large glass of wine, and ready to call it a day, but first will open up the market to your ordering needs!!

Thank you for always supporting this market…we thank you, kindly…

Cosmic Pam

Looks Like Rain

The rain is gonna come, oh it surely looks like rain…
(Grateful Dead)

Well, lovely customers…it’s going to be a downpour of a wet afternoon, today, for pick up! I will be running in and out, quickly, with your orders, trying to keep us all dry and on the way!!

Pick up is from 4pm-6pm. If you need a

If you are new, this week, your payment options are phoning me, this morning, with card payment, or writing a check for your order, made out to Oakview Farm Meats, OR exact cash in a ziplock bag, with your name on it!

And, with the rain, today, let’s also put all checks into ziplock bags!! When I am getting your payments, I don’t want the checks to get all wet, as well!

We had one trivia winner, this week, and that was Sarah McHenry! Her song guess was…Sugar Magnolia for the one song theme of my daughter’s long ago nursery!!

There were many other guesses, but none correct for the second song, which was…Scarlet Begonia!!

Ok, lovelies…if you ordered, this week, I will see you all at pick up!!

Stay dry…

Cosmic Pam