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The local foods movement is alive and well in Champaign County! Here are some updates on other projects while we finalize our virtual market:

Local Producers Map:
Our local producers map is ready for publication and you will soon be able to find it on Copies will be distributed around the community, in the local telephone book, and other “hangouts”. The guide lists the location and contact information for nearly 50 local producers within our county. The map was a project of the Local Food Council and printed with the help of some local sponsors including the Monument Square District, Champaign Bank, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Bureau and others. It is a great start to finding a local source for Champaign County’s finest!

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Tonight's Market Pick Up!

Welcome back to another Thursday evening of fun, friendship, food, and more…

Tonight is the first market pick up of the new year, and you all made it such a great market to kick it all off!! Thank you, always, for all the love you show us, each and every week!!

Tonight, there will be no assigned time slots, so anytime between 4pm-6pm!

If you made an alternate arrangement, your order will be ready when you requested!

If you are a Friday pick up, or need to be a Friday pick up, and I do not already have you on the books for Friday, please let me know! Friday pick ups are from 10am-12pm, with the shop closing now, on Fridays, at 12pm!

If you are part of our Yellow Springs clients/customers with Clem & Thyme, your orders will be delivered to their farm offices, Friday, after 1pm!

If you need a delivery, we are also happy to do that, but we need you to contact us, and there will be a small delivery fee added.

AND…The first winners of my ongoing market song trivia fun to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with the market, are….William and Teresa O’Hair! They will get their complimentary bread, today!!

The song was…Wasn’t Born To Follow. The questions were…who wrote the song, and what movie was the song featured in?

The song was performed by the Byrds, written by Gerry Goffin/Carole King, and featured in the movie, Easy Riders!

They were the winning two with the right answers!!

Watch for the next round of trivia!

OK, See you, tonight!!

Cosmic Pam

Ordering Reminder

Good morning!!

Just a reminder that the market now closes for weekly ordering at 8am, this morning!!!

It’s a great market, and I don’t want you to miss out!!

Cosmic Pam

Wasn't Born To Follow

Oh I’d rather go and journey where the diamond crest is flowing and
Run across the valley beneath the sacred mountain and
Wander through the forest
Where the the trees have leaves of prisms and break the light in colors
That no one knows the names of

And when it’s time I’ll go and wait beside a legendary fountain
Till I see your form reflected in it’s clear and jeweled waters
And if you think I’m ready
You may lead me to the chasm where the rivers of our vision
Flow into one another

I will want to die beneath the white cascading waters
She may beg, she may plead, she may argue with her logic
And then she’ll know the things I learned
That really have no value in the end she will surely know
I wasn’t born to follow…
(The Byrds)

Such an appropriate song/lyrics to kick off our first week in a new year, and not just any new year, our 10 Year Anniversary Year!!

And, just a reminder that the market will now close at 8am, tomorrow, and not 8pm!! You don’t want to miss out on the market fun!!

Also, as a thank you, from your market manager, I am going to begin randomly throwing out a trivia question pertaining to the song/weblog entry that I choose. If you email me the correct answer, hoping that you don’t Google, but I’ll leave that to you, AND, YOU MUST HAVE PLACED AN ORDER FOR THE WEEK, I am rewarding a free Cosmic bread product of your choice!!

Again, this will be random, so you will need to read the weblogs, to see if there will be a question. And, the first person who emails me, wins for that week! I will be doing this up until May, which is our actual month of the 10th year opening of this little local market.

Ok…today, I am actually asking two questions about today’s song which is all about embracing being a free spirit, not following others. Much like the attitude that this market had to have, back in the day, when launching amidst doubt, and not a whole lot of love, at times, from the doubters. But, we paved our own way, and look at us now…

Ok…your questions for the two winning bread prizes!!

1. Who actually wrote this song that was performed by, The Byrds?

2. What movie was this song featured in?

There you go…remember…you must be an ordering customer to receive your prizes!!

Cosmic Pam

Beautiful Day!

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away…
(U2-Beautiful Day)

This song, to me, just screams inspiration on the first day of this new year…Hello, 2021, and welcome, all of you, back to the market. Also, hello to all of our new customers. Welcome to the family. And, hey…those of you still on the sidelines…what’s stopping you? Go ahead, start your new year with ordering from this crazy popular, all local, all lovely little market. We promise you will be hooked…

So, all Cosmic Charlie and Hippie and the Farmer products are now live on the market! A whole new January menu for Hippie and the Farmer frozen dinners and pizzas! Also, new soups added to the Cosmic culinary bag of tricks! And, a few new bakery items from Cosmic Charlie!

Champaign Berry has added their black raspberry sauce back to the market!

If you have already placed your orders, but want to go back and add any from Cosmic Charlie or Hippie and the Farmer, feel free to do so! Multiple orders get combined into one!!

It’s great to be back…and, in our 10 Year Anniversary Year!!

Cosmic Pam

This Is The New Year

This is the new year
We are the voices
This is the new year…
(A Great Big World)

Here we are, lovely customers of this little local market…we are just a few moments away from bidding the past year farewell, and ushering in what we can only hope is a kinder, gentler, calmer year.

I hope that you all have had a lovely time the past few weeks. Your market manager took time to unwind, regroup, spend time with my daughter, cater a couple of small get togethers, and now I am landing right back here…ready to take on the new year with our lovely little local band of vendors and customers.

One change to the market!!!

We will now close the market, each week, at 8AM, on Tuesdays, instead of 8PM….and new thing for you to remember, but we can make this work!! And, the vendors will have more time to get it all together for you, at market pick up!!

Also…you will know that my things and Hippie and the Farmer are in vacation mode. I will take everything out of vacation mode, tomorrow, but I am still working on new menu items, soups, and additional bread listings. I know, I know…but, I was busy during my time off…lol.

Happy New Year, my lovelies…we look forward to serving you in 2021! Also known as our 10 Year Anniversary Year as a market!!!

Cosmic Pam

Happy Sparkling Wednesday!

Just taking a moment before my crazy day begins to thank each of you for not only shopping the market, this week, and showing it so much love…but, for allowing us to bring you all of the local goodness, each and every week.

This time, last year, we were cruising along. A nice market but still just a little tiny local market that saw steady weeks, and a handful of loyal customers.

You know the curveball that was thrown to all of us, and the chaos that would be brought on. But, one of my favorite lines is…Every great moment of change is brought on by chaos. And, while those may not be the exact words, the thought is very much what happened to this market.

The silver lining in 2020 has been to watch this market move, transition, and grow into the blooming success that it is.

Thank you, customers, vendors, and fellow market manager…each week, you all amaze me.

Tomorrow will be the last market pick up of the year before we all take a holiday break. It will reopen for order taking on NYE.

You may pick up your orders, tomorrow, between 4pm-6pm. You may arrange for a Friday pick up, 10am-12pm. If you are a Yellow Springs customer through Clem & Thyme, we will deliver your order, Friday, to their farm offices, after 1pm.

First time customers, this week…you may pay by card, by first calling me with your number that will then go into our files for future purchases. Or, you can pay by checks made out to Oakview Farm Meats, or exact cash, in a ziplock bag, with your name. Customers who are delivery, must have card on file.

That is it! I will see you at tomorrow’s pick up, and then I will see you after the holiday…

Cosmic Pam


It’s Christmas
Baby please come home

(Christmas) The snow’s coming down
(Christmas) I’m watching it fall
(Christmas) Lots of people around
(Christmas) Baby please come home
(Christmas) The church bells in town
(Christmas) They’re ringing their song
(Christmas) Oh the happiest town
(Christmas) Baby please come home

They’re singing “Deck The Halls”
But it’s not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

(Christmas) Pretty lights on the tree
(Christmas) I’m watching them shine
(Christmas) You should be here with me
(Christmas) Baby please come home

Baby please come home
Baby please come home

They’re singing “Deck The Halls”
But it’s not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year

(Christmas) If there was a way
(Christmas) I would hold back these tears
(Christmas) For this Christmas day
(Christmas) Baby please come home

Baby please come home!
Baby please come home!
Baby please come home!
Baby please come home!
Baby please come home!
(The U2 version)

Just another Christmas song off of my personal playlist to pass on to you, as you do the last of your ordering for the week! You have one hour to complete your orders until next month!

And, this song…it takes me way back to the late 80s when I was living in Los Angeles, cruising around to my haunts in Westwood Village, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and up in Laurel Canyon.

In this time frame, I wasn’t making the trek back for Christmas in those years because I was a flight attendant, based in Los Angeles, and holding down all of the LAX-JKF flights during holiday times. This song was playing in all of my little local favorite hang out places in California, making me both homesick, yet excited for my new holiday adventures with the friends, out there, who became my family in that segment of time.

Holiday spirit is everywhere, and the magic of the season starts within your heart…

So, I leave you until I close up the market at 8pm…this market is crazy, this week, and you are making the vendors so very grateful.

Cosmic Pam

Christmas Wrapping

Bah! Humbug!
Now that’s too strong
‘Cause it is my favorite holiday
But all this year’s been a busy blur
Don’t think I have the energy
To add to my already mad rush
Just ‘cause it’s ’tis the season
The perfect gift for me would be
Completions and connections left from last year
Ski shop encounter most interesting
Had his number but never the time
Most of ’81 passed along those lines
So deck those halls
Trim those trees
Raise up cups of Christmas cheer
I just need to catch my breath
Christmas by myself this year

Calendar picture, frozen landscape
Chill this room for 24 days
Evergreens, sparkling snow
Get this winter over with!
Flash back to spring time, saw him again
Would have been good to go for lunch
Couldn’t agree when we were both free
We tried, we said we’d keep in touch
Didn’t of course, ’til summertime
Out to the beach, to his boat, could I join him?

No, this time it was me
Sunburn in the third degree
Now the calendar’s just one page
Of course I am excited
Tonight’s the night I’ve set my mind
Not to do too much about it

Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year
Merry Christmas, merry Christmas
But I think I’ll miss this one this year

Hardly dashing through the snow
‘Cause I bundled up too tight
Last minute have-to-dos
A few cards, a few calls
Because it’s RSVP
No, thanks, no party lights
It’s Christmas Eve, gonna relax
Turned down all of my invites
Last fall I had a night to myself
Same guy called; Halloween party
Waited all night for him to show
This time his car wouldn’t go
Forget it, it’s cold, it’s getting late
Trudge on home to celebrate
In a quiet way, unwind
Doing Christmas right this time…
(The Waitresses)

Happy Monday, lovely market customers…and, welcome to your market manager’s trip back in time to the early 80s. This song. Packing my car, each year of college, tired, burned out, exams behind me, all projects completed, lots of hugging of sorority sisters, turning the lights off in my room, and jumping on the highway, driving the three hours, north, to be home for the holidays.

Arriving looking exhausted, malnourished, loads of dirty laundry, tons of phone calls and messages left from all of my friends who were also arriving in town from college. Dumping all of my gear, knowing my mother would immediately start laundry, and feed me. Then, I would be out the door, and off to the mall where I spent all of my high school/college years, working. I was a retail rat, and holiday times/summer you could find me working the floor at the old Casual Corner.

And the mall…my gosh, how much did I LOVE the mall at Christmas?? The hustle, the bustle, the shopping, the excitement, the much needed paychecks because also, I was a poor college girl, and the mall job allowed me to pay for my books, my sorority dues, and my wardrobe, while each parental unit took care of tuition and room fees.

And, this song…this song was everything holiday, back then. If you were also a mall rat back in the day, you knew each shop got the same huge muzak tape to play, all holiday season, and this one blared all over the place.

And, as my shift would end, I would race out to the area bars, clubs, also blaring this song, to meet up with friends, and boys who were all also in town. We would make plans, exchange gifts, talk about our past semester, and secure our New Year’s Eve dates.

This song…holiday time at it’s best for me. And, what really made me smile, way back when my daughter was in junior high and high school, she began her holiday love journey with this same song. It’s still our holiday song, together…

And, just as this song brings back so many lovely memories of holidays past, so does this market. Each year, in this time frame, we begin to say, Happy Holiday, as we take orders for the last time before the new year.

And, you all are seriously giving the market ALL the love, this week!! Even with all of my products off on vacation mode, you guys are tearing it up!!

So, you have until tomorrow evening before we say, Merry Christmas, and wrap it all up for two weeks.

I hope I’ve given you a fun song implant to take you on your day, and to put a fun song to your ordering…

Cosmic Pam

Cosmic Charlie/Hippie and the Farmer

Another market update…

My products will all be off the market, this last market of the season.

We are catering a small event for the owners of Indian Creek Distillery, and their employees, Wednesday evening, so all of my efforts will be put forth in getting ready for that, not allowing me the time I need for your baking, and frozen dinner making.

I will be at market pick up, though, to greet you, and wish you a very happy holiday time, before we shut this market until after the holiday time!!

Thank you for being such awesome customers!!

Cosmic Pam

Shopping Small, Shopping Local

Good morning!

I have yet another great gift idea from one of your favorite vendors!

Valley View Woodlands maple syrup is now available in an unbreakable 8 ounce plastic jug, perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer. Also great for shipping. Same great syrup, same great flavor from our maple trees in the Mad River Valley.

Thank you, Marc and Shary!