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Elderberry Syrup - Original
Grower: S & S Naturals
Price: $11.00 ( 8 ounces )
Available (Exact): 8

Our Original Elderberry Syrup is made with water, elderberries (Sambucus nigra) & raw local honey. Elderberry Syrup is clinically proven ... more
Elderberry Tincture
Grower: S & S Naturals
Price: $8.00 ( 1 ounce )
Available (Exact): 7

SPECIAL Buy 1 get 1 FREE!! For the month of June!! The Elderberry Tincture is sugar free, it is an ... more
NEW Cinnamon Elderberry Syrup now with BUCKWHEAT honey
Grower: S & S Naturals
Price: $11.50 ( 8 oz. )
Available (Exact): 8

Our NEW & improved cinnamon syrup is made with raw local BUCKWHEAT honey from our farm, water, elderberries (Sambucus nigra) ... more