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Field Corn,Grains & Milled Products

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Indian Corn, Shelled
Grower: Oberly Bros Farm
Price: $4.00 ( 2 lbs )
Available (Exact): 2

Grown at Oberly Bros Farm in the 2023 growing season. Several varieties planted together with lots of cross-pollination. Shelled with ... more
Oakview Farm Meats Non GMO Field Corn
Grower: Oakview Farm-Fresh Meats
Price: $5.00 ( 10lb )
Available (Estimated): 26

Oakview Farm Meats bring you their NON-GMO corn that is raised on their farms, right here in Urbana, and it's ... more
Soft Red Winter Wheat
Grower: Oberly Bros Farm
Price: $6.00 ( 10 pounds )
Available (Exact): 3

Whole grain soft red winter wheat harvested at Oberly Bros Farm in July, 2023. Artificial granular fertilizer applied at planting, ... more